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Many Alabamians can’t find themselves on a map, and that’s dangerous –

Many people from Alabama cannot find themselves on a map and that is a dangerous thing. After a tornado outbreak, people from Alabama were asked to find themselves on a map. A few of them could not do it. The reason this is important is because the people will be able to have warning before … Read More

Make It Stop: Companies Fight Texting and Driving

Of the 2 trillion text messages sent each year, too many are sent from moving vehicles. The 1drving texting resized 600 CDC stats on distracted driving are alarming, so much so that private corporations are stepping up to the plate. It’s not just non-profits and Ad Councils promoting safer behavior, BMW and AT&T have both … Read More

A summer survival kit every driver should have

A survival kit in this context is talking about what you should keep in your car. You need different things in the winter than you do in the summer. These things are what you need in case your car breaks down. This talks about the items you should keep on hand in the summer. Key … Read More

Don’t Be That Driver! – Only You Can Prevent Work Zone Fatalities

Many people have lost loved ones because of work zone fatalities. On average, there are 3 fatalities a day in a highway work zone. It is a real tragedy that needs to be changed. Highway work zones can be a very dangerous place and if we do not do something about it, more lives will … Read More

Teen Guide To Driving – No Texting and Driving Allowed!

If you are a teen, or parent of teen, you know that getting your driver’s licence in a big deal. What teens don’t know if they aren’t prepared and get distracted, there can be serious consequences and even death from car accidents. Texting and driving is at the top for teen accidents. There are tips … Read More

These Crowdsourced Maps Guide Trans People To ‘Safe’ Bathrooms – Vocativ

“The bathroom debate” is real. These maps give trans people a way to identify ‘Safe’ bathrooms in their locality. This project originally started in North Carolina and has quickly expanded. Trans friendly businesses are allowed to add their business to the map, letting trans folks know they can be safe with them. Trans rights are … Read More

Google Maps and Waze Have Created an Enemy – iDrop News

Apps such a Google Maps and Waze are great for knowing what’s going on in your city and knowing what kind of obstacles you may face. But the apps have also created a problem so neighborhoods especially with children, which even though it can be a shortcut to get out of traffic, it can be … Read More

Shuttl rides with Google Maps for better commuter search – Economic Times

A great new service by Shuttl will now allow commuters greater ease in traveling around select cities. By partnering with Google maps, commuters will now be able to see the closest Shuttl stops to them – making their travel around the city much easier! This service will create better travel experiences for many, and help … Read More

These maps show how early spring is arriving in your state this year – Vox

Anyone living in the eastern United States has probably noticed how unusually warm it’s been this February. And it’s not just your imagination! In fact, there’s a good way to visualize this. The US Geological Survey has a neat set of maps, updated daily, showing how early spring has arrived in each state this year … Read More

Benefits Of Online Driver School

If you want to take a driver’s school you have probably researched them and have found some in your vicinity, but have you considered an online school? They have their benefits which are talked about here. Some would find them a better option. They are definitely at least worth research and consideration. Key Takeaways: online … Read More

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