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Battlefield 1’s New Maps, Compared To The Real World – Kotaku Australia

The Battle of Verdun was a massive clash between France and Germany. The German goal was to choose a strategic target of such importance that it would force the French to commit a majority of their forces to a battle of attrition that would slowly bleed them dry. Verdun was a valuable position on the … Read More

FTA Program Targets Needs of U.S. Tribes

FTA’s competitive grants provide funding for tribes to replace aging vehicles, maintain existing fleets, open and operate new transit systems or improve existing service. The FTA funding opportunity, which is open through offers grants that primarily support capital purchases, such as vehicles, bus-related equipment and communication devices, and maintenance facility construction and rehabilitation. The grants … Read More

New study maps out Alaska potential for critical minerals – Alaska Dispatch News

“Some of the areas that showed high potential were already known, but many of these areas had not previously been recognized. Areas identified by this method that have high resource potential based on limited data indicate both understudied and underexplored areas that are important targets for future data collection. A collaboration of the USGS and … Read More

New tool lets Delawareans check for flood risk – The News Journal

Knowing about a flood risk ahead of time is a helpful option because you can then move yourself and your belongings out of the danger zone. It can save you hassle and money. You can also keep track so you know if you need flood insurance. This tool lets people in Delaware assess their risks. … Read More

New maps compare Detroit’s population density to cities around the world – Curbed Detroit

There are new maps that compare Detroit’s population density to cities around the world. A lot of residents in Detroit like the fact that there is room to breathe in their city. They love that it is a big city with all of that room. New York City’s density is nearly seven times that of … Read More

The Car Dash Camera Dilemma: Which One Should You Choose?

The person who is looking for a car dash camera to document their road trip will want something a little different than the person looking for a stealthy camera to protect them from fraud, and figuring out your use or uses should be a top priority before breaking down your best modern car dash camera … Read More

Plaintiffs in Texas redistricting case file motion to block maps’ use in … – Dallas News

Discrimination is still a major issue in today’s society and often gets ignored. A lot of people do not want to admit that discrimination exists for various reasons. However, discrimination can cause major problems such as voting. The two ethnicities that are discriminated the most are African Americans and Latinos. The discrimination in this article … Read More

Trump’s budget will hurt local communities

President Trump’s budget proposal cuts funds from important infrastructure programs. Among the proposed cuts are the TIGER competitive grant program, new transit line programs, and the long-distance passenger rail lines. This proposal is contrary to Trump’s campaign promise of infusing $1 trillion dollars into infrastructure programs. This budget cut will hurt many communities especially in … Read More

Google Maps solves the nagging ‘What’s your ETA?’ problem – CNNMoney

ETA means estimated time of arrival. People ask about it when they want to know when you’ll be there. It helps them plan. Google Maps now helps you give them an accurate answer. This is helpful for everyone who is trying to plan. This is just one more helpful feature of Google Maps. There are … Read More

Molecular ‘treasure maps’ to help discover new materials – Science Daily

The innovation of new materials is very complicated but possible thanks to refined computer modeling that helps scientist experiment with the intricacies of molecule assembly and crystallization. The computer simulation results would allow other scientists to create new materials. The discovery of new materials could lead to improvements in numerous fields such as energy, pollution … Read More

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