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New maps show Southeast streams teeming with life – Chattanooga Times Free Press

This is good news for any nature lover or for those who pay attention to the environment. These maps show where living things are in the streams and you can see they’re doing quite well. Pollution can cause so many problems for creatures of the water so this is great to see. Key Takeaways: Now, … Read More

Using Online Maps To Plan Fishing Trips – YakAngler

Fishing is a relaxing and rewarding pastime, thought to be reserved for only the most traditional people. In the past, great spots were found and passed on to children, friends, and locals in the area. With the power of technology, the average fisherman can utilize satellites to find a spot to cast a line. Key … Read More

Why aren’t railroad crossings on your map app? –

If you use a map app on your phone you may have noticed railroad crossings being left out. This may have caused you confusion or at least curiosity. The reason for this is explained here. Any map app user should check this out so they know what’s going on. Key Takeaways: As more drivers today … Read More

What to Do If Your Brakes Go Out

This is important safety information for any driver to read right away. If the brakes go out in your car you need to know what to do to avoid any kind of accident. Definitely keep an eye on your brakes but it’s still important to know this because anything can happen. Key Takeaways: Noticing your … Read More

County eyes $192k for digital maps –

The Oswego county legislature will decide something at a meeting that will be held on the 9th of February. The decision will be on whether or not to spend a lot of money, 192,000 dollars to be exact, on updating and upgrading its digital imaging of the county for use by many different departments. Key … Read More

Google Maps Street View a few years removed from present-day Duluth – Duluth News Tribune

Taking a virtual tour of Duluth, would-be visitors might get excited about shopping at Saw-Mill Unpainted Furniture, eating at Takk For Maten Cafe or even enjoying a nice loiter outside Last Place on Earth. Would-be business owners, too, might raise their eyebrows at the empty storefront near a major downtown corner or the vacant land … Read More

FAA teams with Colorado DOT to advance air safety (12/4/2012)

When we at DOT help improve transportation safety–whether on the road, over the rails, or in the skies–we’re fulfilling the most important aspect of our mission. And when we partner effectively with State DOTs, we’re fulfilling another worthy goal. When we can do both at the same time, that’s even better. Key Takeaways: When we … Read More

LunaH-Map CubeSat to map the Moon’s water deposits – SpaceFlight Insider

Arizona State University (ASU) is developing a small satellite that will search for hydrogen in lunar craters with the ultimate goal of creating the most detailed map of the Moon’s water deposits. The spacecraft, named the Lunar Polar Hydrogen Mapper (LunaH-Map), is expected to shed new light on the depth and distribution of water ice … Read More

Will Oregon’s DOT change how they do business?

Oregon Governor Kate Brown and the state legislature are working to change how the Department of Transportation is run. There is an effort to improve transparency, accountability, and investments within the department. The DOT has earned respect for the ConnectOregon grant program but has been criticized for the Columbia River Crossing project because of huge … Read More

This New GPS Map Is Tailor-Made for City Walking – Seeker

There’s no denying that using GPS to get from point A to point B is incredibly convenient, yet we’ve all found ourselves cursing Google or Apple Maps for leading us astray, the automated voice insisting this is the fastest route, despite a Dead End sign up ahead. Access Maps offers pedestrians detailed route information that … Read More

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