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The week in apps: Apple’s new App Store, Google Maps extra help, and more essentials – Mashable

Apple’s new update has decided to finally include GIF into its usability. Hilarious that it took so long, or is it a relief for customers that a company that is supposed to be up to date has allowed their consumers to join loved ones in their community to play with their GIFs to their heart’s … Read More

The 2018 Toyota RAV4 Adventure Is No Niche Market Special Edition – It’ll Be More Popular Than Most SUVs

The 2018 Toyota Adventure has already been showing nothing but a huge rise in popularity over SUVs. This could mean great sales results for Toyota next year as they start to releas and customers start to grab up the new models. The new care boasts a lot in features in both on and off road. … Read More

HONDA: Mixed car, truck gains boost deliveries

Honda experienced mixed results in their sales this past month, both with their car and light truck models. The Acura division was generally responsible for the overall – albeit small – rise in sales; Honda’s slight gain was mainly due to the continued success of their three core models. This past week, Honda also announced … Read More

2017 BMW 530i RWD Tested: Choose Wisely

The new 2017 BMW 530i RWD test review is out and it has revealed quite a bit for BMW. First the company has pulled all the stops to ensure that all their customers are happy. The car is loaded down with so many new features however that the price has increased rather drastically. Key Takeaways: … Read More

Tesla to limit color, wheel size on early Model 3 sales

The new Tesla 3 models are letting out early ones but with very limited options due to limited resources and time constraints. However, to ensure that they please their customer service they have enabled all the features at the the sacrifice of colors and for a chance at first dibs, it’s a sacrifice they will … Read More

Cal Crutchlow has ‘good options’ beyond LCR for 2018 MotoGP season

Cal Crutchlow has decided to stick with LCR Honda despite having numerous options on the table for new sponsors, including factories. He has been happy with his experience with Honda across three seasons, but has entertained offers from others, saying that the other options have been very good as well. Crutchlow will turn 32 in … Read More

Max Verstappen still unhappy about Red Bull’s Monaco GP strategy

Max Verstappen is still not happy with his decision to enter the pits early in his last race, which caused him to finish in a disappointing miss of third place. Red Bull team boss Christian Horner defended the position to bring in Max Verstappen when he did. There appeared to be some confusion in the … Read More

Whiteout: Saleen Releasing 730-HP Championship Commemorative Edition Mustangs

The production of a new commemorative Mustang is announced by Saleen Automotive. The design is based on the 2015 Ford Mustang S302 Black Label, updated with such changes as a new exhaust and a competition shifter. The track car version of this edition will, in addition, have a roll cage, an upgraded radiator and a … Read More

McLaren have ‘serious concerns’ about ‘lost’ Honda

Team McLaren-Honda is not proving to be as of a rewarding mutual relationship as it was in the 1980s and 1990s during the years of Alain Prost and Ayrton Senna due to Honda’s failure to deliver critical engine upgrades for the Canadian Grand Prix. Plagued with engine failures and slow lap times, McLaren is exploring … Read More

Kimi Raikkonen: Sebastian Vettel is not number one at Ferrari

Ferarri’s Formula 1 team switched pit stop strategies during the 2017 Monaco Grand Prix, allowing Sebastian Vettel to win rather than his teammate Kimi Raikkonen. Vettel and Raikkonen both denied claims from fellow racer Lewis Hamilton that this was an attempt to increase their chances of winning the 2017 championship. Both teammates insisted this is … Read More

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