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Seven Ideas for Safer Streets in 2017

Gregory Neadu, an administrator for the Federal Highway Administration highlights how his organization is trying to increase safety for travelers on the road due to a 7.2 percent increase in deaths between 2015-2016. This article shares 7 concepts citizens can implement to help reduce crashes with bicyclists, pedestrians and the millions of people who use … Read More

Winter Driving Tips For 2017 That Drivers Everywhere Should Remember

These aren’t just tips I give for winter driving tips, but tips for everyday driving, too. You need to drive with caution while on the road. Do not use cruise control when driving on any slippery surface, such as roads covered with snow and ice, or roads that have been treated with salt or sand. … Read More

Epic Antarctic voyage maps seafloor to predict ocean rise as glacier the size of California melts – The Guardian

The concerning trend was confirmed by Australian scientists in December, who reported that warming ocean temperatures were causing the rapid melt of the end of the Totten glacier, which is holding back enough ice to create a global sea rise of between 3.5 meters and six meters. The 51-day mission is one of the longest … Read More

How are states making transportation a key driver of their economic development agendas? [Webinar]

One of the main problems that governments face are a rising cost of transportation. Their administrations want to show how a fresh approach to transportation is fundamental to creating quality jobs and shared prosperity while running an efficient government that gets the greatest benefit from every taxpayer dollar. This is what most taxpayers want. Key … Read More

U.S. DOT 50th Anniversary Event Focused on Future Transportation Leaders

Some are fascinated by the stories of history and go on to become storytellers themselves in classrooms. As the Departments celebrate 50th Anniversary, its are striving to open doors to students at a young age to learn more about our multi-faceted transportation industry and inspire them to join us as we work to build a … Read More

Google Maps For Android Update 9.42.3 Comes With Navigation UI Modifications – International Business Times

Google Maps is one of the most popular apps on the planet, and for good reason. Getting from point A to point B used to be a huge and annoying production until mobile mapping came about, and there’s no better mobile mapping solution than Google Maps. Of course, once you’re done with whatever you needed … Read More

How to Use Google Maps Offline – TIME

The moment your phone reads “No service,” Google Maps suddenly drops out. That is, unless you’ve saved your maps for offline access. With this feature, you can store large map areas for guidance, even when you’re stuck without reception. The process is identical on both iOS and Android. Before we dive into the process, take … Read More

No excuse for decade of delay in flood maps – Island Packet

Government reviews redrawn flood maps that reflect the reduced insurance risk regarding the river pouring into downtown during storms. Beaufort County should have been among the first to get updated flood maps that are used in setting flood insurance rates. Instead, Beaufort and neighboring Jasper counties are last in the state and lagging behind the … Read More

Every map you look at is wrong – and this video explains why – The indy100

The distortion is the result of the Mercator map which was created in 1596 to help sailors navigate the world. For instance, North America looks larger, or at least as big, as Africa, and Greenland also looks of comparable size. In reality, you can fit North America into Africa and still have space for India, … Read More

Council deletes controversial Regents Road bridge from planning maps – The San Diego Union-Tribune

Planned for decades, the $60-million bridge would have provided a second north-south route through the often-congested community that past city leaders considered crucial when they approved many dense housing projects for the area. But a majority of the council, which voted 6-2 against the bridge on Monday after three hours of strident public testimony, said … Read More

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