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Nissan Rogue Sport: A conquest machine?

Car manufacturer Nissan is ready and poised to take as much of the market as possible, and isn’t even being subtle about it. In a recent auto show, the vice president of Nissan North America let the public know his intentions. This article details his master plan to take advantage of a growing trend in … Read More

After Fiery China Crash, Model X Rear Doors are Still Causing Problems for Tesla

When something as traumatic as a car crash happens, getting out of the car safely is the first priority. Especially if your car is on fire or pushed into the middle of traffic and vulnerable to being hit again. While the Model X car from Tesla offers numerous features, somehow that all important feature of … Read More

Smart Stays the Course in Europe as It Shifts Focus in the United States

Daimler’s ‘Smart’ car were a hit in Europe, but car enthusiasts speculated that the economical environmental car will not do as well in U.S. markets. However, to everyone’s surprise, with the company keeping its focus on not jumping on the crossover bandwagon, and instead concentrating on integrating technology such as using smartphones apps such as … Read More

2018 Lexus LC 500 and LC 500h First Test

The 2018 Lexus LC was taken for a test. The Lexus is in similar shape and proportion to the Mercedes-Benz SL550. The previous Lexus LS sedan was a 4,466 pounds vehicle. Its inner gearing is like a NASCAR 4v speed times six. If the LC 500 could pushes itself to the redline during 10th gear … Read More

Elio Motors Needs Just $64M More to Bring Trike to Life

As Elio Motor’s little economical and affordable three wheeler cars are becoming more and more popular,’The Truth About Car’s has discovered that the company is in massive debt and needs $376 Million to even start production. The company has, even more, financial trouble ahead, with 65,350 pre-orders with 2017 Elio Motor’s projected growth is very … Read More

Spy Shots Reveal Ford Might be Doing Something About Its Third-Place Pony Car Power

The shots, taken in Detroit, show a camouflaged Mustang with heavy shrouding over the front and back ends, as well as lids clamped over the wheels. Even some of the sidewall markings have been scrubbed away. Clearly, Ford wants to keep a secret. While the camo clad ‘Stang rolling through the Motor City gives away … Read More

2018 Audi A5 Coupe Tested: Stealthy Speeder

While the turbocharged, intercooled, and direct injected 2.0 liter inline-four carries over its iron block and longitudinal orientation, there are worthwhile gains in both power. As before, Quattro all wheel drive is standard, and buyers may choose between a six speed manual transmission or a seven speed dual clutch automatic with three operating modes and … Read More

Nissan to Expand NISMO Performance Lineup Across the Globe by Twofold, New Models Could Include Trucks and Minivans

Nissan is about to embark on a global expansion plan that would double the number of models wearing the NISMO performance badge. The brand says that it is aware that enthusiasts only make up a small fraction of prospective buyers, but it doesn’t want to ignore them especially in segments where NISMO hasn’t left much … Read More

2018 McLaren 720S Dissected: Chassis, Powertrain, Styling, and More!

If you cared about this vehicle this is definitely info you want. It is very detailed and breaks down the many features. Even the styling is discussed here. If you wanted to know more before buying give this a look because it has what you need to know. It’s a 2018 model so is improved … Read More

Jeep finds green groove with 7-seat, plug-in hybrid SUV concept

If fuel efficiency and green standards are two of your top concerns when driving a car, you’ll be doubly proud of the new Jeep Yuntu. Partnering with China, Jeep has rolled out a new hybrid SUV that boasts some impressive gas mileage and seating for seven. This is pretty groundbreaking and might foreshadow similar cars … Read More

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