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MIT Technology and Policy Program’s Best Thesis for 2017 maps out a clean energy future for India – MIT News

If the things being tested out here work India will have clean energy in their future. This is good for the environment. Clean energy does not pollute the environment the way fossil fuels do when they are burned. India needs this and MIT is helping them to realize it by working on the problem. Key … Read More

Ford shortens summer shutdown at Louisville plant

Due to a high crossover demand, Ford company will not have it’s traditional two week shutdown of the plant in Louisville, Kentucky, but instead will have a shorter one week shut down instead. This plant makes the Ford’s popular Escapes and the Lincoln MKC’s, will make about 8,500 more of these models during the extra … Read More

Ace of Base: 2017 Jeep Wrangler Sport

If you are interested in a review of the 2017 Jeep Wrangler Sport, I would look elsewhere. The author seems to have missed their calling as a theater critic rather than an automotive reviewer. The review is just hard to read and doesn’t really paint a good picture of the vehicle so you can’t really … Read More

Apple can’t stop distracted driving – Roadshow

Apple made an attempt to stop distracted driving, and although the idea was within the right mind, it was within one hundred perecent success. For it to work it has so to be used within a social app not within the technical, so for it to they have to dig a little deeper, but maybe … Read More

New maps reveal extent of homeless problems in Santa Rosa – Santa Rosa Press Democrat

I personally have experienced homelessness as a child so I know firsthand the anguish of living in the streets. It seems to be a epidemic all across America, bum towns USA and the city does not have an answer. Throwing money at the issue does not decrease the problem, it only continues to grow like … Read More

Need a Loan for a Mitsubishi? Nissan Now Has You Covered in Three Countries

Looking for a car, but can’t seem to decide how to get the moeny to cover it? Well if you like Mitsubishi, Nissan will cobbler you for a loan just as long as you live in the countries, and only the three. What does this mean for the car company, as well as their customers? … Read More

Toyota unloads Tesla shares with end of EV ties

Toyota decides to sell all of it shares of Tessa to unload the ties with the U.S. shares and move on with further plans. What could have led to such a big plan and why was this something they decided to change their mind on? Was Tesla something that just didn’t turn out to be … Read More

If One Automaker Can Let the Public Name a Model, Why Not Others?

Has Volkswagen run out of ideas for names for their vehicles? It wouls seem so, as they have turned to Twitter fans and audiences to allow them to name the upcoming SUV model they are about to release. It may seem ballsy, but then again it may take away that disconnect and cause an influx … Read More

FCA: Volume dips as Jeep slides

As Fiat Chrysler moves away from its dependence on fleet sales overall sales declined. Jeep sales, once a bright point, are also moving backwards. In May the company’s total units sold equaled 193,040, this included fleet sales. A high point for Fiat Chrysler is Ram. Sales of the truck have been climbing and have risen … Read More

Our Testing Proves the 2017 Chevrolet Colorado Is a Happy Medium Between Practicality and Capability

If you want a vehicle that does what it should and is also practical and not too flashy the 2017 Chevrolet Colorado will do nicely. It is capable. It handles what it needs to nicely. You won’t be disappointed in this vehicle. It is a good mix of features without too much whimsy. Key Takeaways: … Read More

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