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2018 Honda Civic In-Depth Review: A Wholly Civilized Compact Car

Does the new Honda Civic do enough to appease its happy customers? Well take a look at it’s newest model. The Sport model has a standard 180-hp turbo inline-four that’s slightly more powerful than the same engine in other Civic trims. It pairs with a standard six-speed manual transmission that saves $800 versus the optional … Read More

Don’t Expect Any Rebadged Nissans or Co-developed Cars in Mitsubishi Showrooms Anytime Soon

Even though Nissan has seemed to take over Mitsubishi it will take its time for new vehciles to approach that will show the two companies have joined together. It’s a matter of time and like with anything else all any one will need is just a tad bit of patience. so hold on out and … Read More

Aston Martin Confirms Two Lagonda Models, Targeting Rolls-Royce and Bentley

British car maker Aston Martin has confirmed the launch of two new Lagonda models to compete with rivals Rolls-Royce and Bentley. The manufacturer will also be producing six other new car models as well. The new vehicles will be launched in 2023. CEO Andy Palmer states that the aim of this initiative is to break … Read More

The Driver’s Crossover: 2017 Porsche Macan, in Depth!

The 2017 Porsche Macan is fast, comfortable, compact crossover that combines the look of the the Porsche Cayenne with the speed and handling of the Porsche 911. For $48,550 you can get the base model Macan with a 252 hp turbocharged 4 cylinder engine. For $6900 more you can get the Macan GTS, a turbocharged … Read More

2018 Mercedes-Benz S450 First Drive: Finally, a V-6 That’s Worthy

This 2018 Mercedes finally has a V6 which does a good job. It is going to be a great car. It has enough power to make driving it satisfying and also has the quality people have come to expect from this type of car. It is sure not to disappoint you. Key Takeaways: Mercedes has … Read More

BMW CEO: “Our top priority is electric mobility”

The new BMW has decided they would like to focus on the beauty of electricity for their mobile power. Will this be or a bust or an almighty breakthrough? One can only wait and see as they step through and attempt to break from their own carbon foot print and break away from the toxic … Read More

Small Bike, Huge Impact: Honda Produces 100 Millionth Super Cub!

Honda’s Super Cub motorcycle is the most significant product in Honda’s entire history with over 100 million of the bikes produced since introduced in 1958. Honda recently celebrated the construction of the 100 millionth Super Cub, and without those sales over the years we may not have had a NSX, Odyssey, CRX, Civic, or Accord. … Read More

2018 Honda Fit LX Review – What if It’s the Only Subcompact for You?

Let their be beauty and light. Will you enjoy this new bolder model of Honda’s? The Honda Fit, not now in third-gen form nor in any prior iteration, has never sold on the strength of style. There have always been less expensive subcompacts, faster subcompacts, and better-equipped subcompacts, as well. Key Takeaways: The 2018 Honda … Read More

BMW Raided in German Cartel Investigation, Daimler Seeks Immunity

Despite some rather serious accusations, nothing really came of the cartel investigation. We were beginning to wonder if it was much ado about nothing. But Germany’s antitrust officials hadn’t forgotten — they were simply biding their time during preliminary investigations into corporate collusion and price-fixing. Earlier this week, they made their big move and raided … Read More

Land Rover design chief dangles more clues on next Defender

The Land Rover Defender is making waves among the competition with its design. Chief design officer Gerry McGovern is working to unveil the latest model for people to see. It will feature some outstanding design elements that make it a superior choice for many. Follow the clues and enjoy the defender whenever it rolls off … Read More

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