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Nissan’s new design chief on following a legend

Not a partial about holding over tellurian pattern slip final month, that includes pattern for all things Nissan, such as dealerships, bureau buildings and open displays. After scarcely 30 years with Nissan, Albaisa, 52, says he is prepared for all that. What’s daunting is a partial about stuffing a boots of his mentor, Shiro Nakamura, … Read More

Lexus Knows it Needs to Improve its Sedans or Prepare Them for a Merciful Death

These Sedans aren’t selling so well anymore. The company needs to improve them. If they don’t the line will go under. Companies often pay attention to how a product does so they know what needs to be changed. If they are willing to make the changes they can often save the product from being discontinued. … Read More

McLaren-Honda did pre-season work in Bahrain F1 test – Vandoorne

If there is one lesson to take from this article, it’s to not procrastinate. This article exposes the truths about the bond between Honda and McLaren in the F1 (Formula 1) series. It is said by a team driver, Stoffel Vandoorne that Honda and McLaren are very late when it comes to adding things to … Read More

Max-Miles Murci: We Drive a 250,000-Mile Lamborghini!

If you’re someone who likes to learn about super fancy cars, and even experience second-hand their glory, then this is the article for you. You’re taken on a trip to London, where you learn about a unique Lamborghini Murcielago, but it’s not usual car. Despite it’s breathtaking aesthetics, you are then aware of it’s stunning … Read More

Formula 1 drivers ‘very split’ over head protection device

A recent meeting in Paris has several Formula 1 drivers relating mixed over the F1 Commission’s preference for using the shield protective device over the halo. Several drivers relate they would be fine with no protection at all. Some drivers think the shield is less safe but better looking. The shield device will be track … Read More

Five-Cylinder Fever! Audi Announces TT RS and RS3 Pricing

Audi is one of the most famous brands for expensive cars. They always look so clean and nice, they are luxury cars. According to the article they have brought back their TT RS model and it is now a 5 cylinder model, making it a more efficient car. It is also said to be more … Read More

2017 Nissan Rogue Sport Saves Some Cash but Not Some Gas

The nissan rouge is one of the most popular cars out not the market right now due to their amazing efficiency. The rogue had also surpassed nissan’s altima, one of its other amazing cars. This car is more built for the road than the altima. However, in 2017 they are introducing their nissan Rogue Sport, … Read More

2017 Ford Edge Vignale First Drive: Blueblood Wearing a Blue Oval

Ford is known to be one of the best car brands in America, due to their efficiency and durability. The new Ford Edge Vignale is said to have a very sleek European style look to it and it comes with a leather interior. It is also known as one of Ford’s luxury type cars due … Read More

McLaren Says It Won’t Build a Four-door or SUV, but It Might Make a Stupid 2+2

The automaker that has continuously brought the world road-going hypercars and track day darlings has also considered building a car with a backseat for quite some time. “It could be either Sports Series or Ultimate Series and could see the GT further enhance its usability and further move in that direction if that vehicle could … Read More

Delphi is building over-the-air software suite for automakers

Remote updates for your car are coming. Much like your phone projects are now in the works to provide you vehicle with any necessary updates or patches that can be sent remotely. These changes could be expected to be here as soon as 2020 and would definitely be an upgrade compared to the current system. … Read More

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