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Borough floodplain maps get much-needed update – Mat-Su Valley Frontiersman

“Erosion was a really hot topic. We saw how beneficial (remapping Butte) was to get accurate data. We asked FEMA (the Federal Emergency Management Authority) to help,” Strawn said. He said with the borough’s immense size, officials told the feds if it wanted the Mat-Su to enforce federal flood guidelines, it would have to help … Read More

Helping First Responders Prepare for Hazmat Transportation Emergencies

The grants to improve training by working closely with partners in the emergency response and rail industries to develop a curriculum that teaches first responders how to respond to train derailments involving flammable liquids. The IAFC and its partners have already hosted in-person training in three locations, trained more than 100 first responders, and have … Read More

But Didn’t I Go To Traffic School Online?

Many employers now look at your driving record to see if there is a history of irresponsible or reckless behavior. Checking your driving record can ensure that people are judging you on the right things, not the mistakes of the past that you thought you had cleared up. If you were in an accident and … Read More

What everyone should know about airbags

There are facts about airbags that everyone should know. There has been a debate going on for years about airbags. People wonder if they are safe, or if they are risky. A lot of the information you get will depend on who you ask. The force of an airbag has the capacity to hurt someone … Read More

Vehicle electronics makes clearing off a vehicle more challenging

Vehicle electronics has made clearing off a vehicle a lot more challenging. Clearing snow off of a vehicle is something that everyone, who owns a vehicle, has to do. That takes on a brand new meaning if you have a newer vehicle. Your entire vehicle should be cleared of snow, not just the windows. Key … Read More

Travel Time New York

For people travelling between Brooklyn and Manhattan, things are going to get a lot harder for them. The L train’s east river tunnel will be closed for many months in the year 2019. It will be closed for around 18 months. There is a new map that shows people how their journey will be affected. … Read More

Arriving At Boston Public Schools: More Accurate — And Inclusive — World Maps – WBUR

More accurate and more inclusive world maps will be arriving at Boston Public Schools. The maps will be closer to what they actually are in reality. The maps are different than the ones that used to be in classrooms. The intent of the map is to give an accurate picture of what the earth really … Read More

Shadid proposes sales tax cut, shift in focus for MAPS –

Shadid has proposed a sales tax cut and has shifted the focus for MAPS. The sales tax cut would go along with bulking up police and firefighter services. MAPS will be refocused on restoring city services. Oklahoma has hit a really tough economic slump. It has been happening for 18 months. Key Takeaways: City services … Read More

Formula One maps out a post-Ecclestone future – Reuters

Formula One has new American owners. They pushed aside the old ringmaster. The people in charge of marketing have moved on with the challenge of overhauling the circus and give people more modern for their cash. Two men named Sean Bratches and Ross Brawn have been appointed as managing directors for the commercial and sporting … Read More

Conservation Group Maps Land Protection Strategy In 3 States – Boise State Public Radio

Conservation group maps have landed a protection strategy in 3 states. The maps have identified key landscapes in three western states. The Nature Conservancy has said it has 6 million from the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation and it is now distributing it among land trusts. The lands are being protected. Key Takeaways: We’re protecting lands … Read More

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