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These maps show the early arrival of spring – Michigan Radio

Due to climate change spring as come earlier and earlier. Thanks to new maps from the U.S. Geological Survey you now can see how early spring will arrive in your area. It could be as much as three weeks earlier. An earlier spring can mean earlier insect activity. It also gets flowering plants and wildlife … Read More

How To Use Google Maps Offline Mode On iPhone And iPad – Tech Times

The main advantage that Google Maps enjoys over Apple’s native iOS Maps is its better support system, especially when going offline. This is probably the most important feature when you are going for a long overdue vacation, or passing through a zone which has weak or no Internet access. Having the offline option for Google … Read More

This Labor Day Weekend, Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over

“Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over” has been for years the slogan used by the NHTSA to alert drivers of drunk driving dangers around Labor Day. Every year people get killed due to accidents caused by drunk drivers; 10,265 live in 2015 alone. Losses that could have been avoided. Don’t get behind the wheel drunk, … Read More

Google Maps Can Now Tell How Nightmarish Parking Will Be – LA Magazine

A new feature in Google Maps will help you find parking or rather, it will mentally prepare you for how difficult it will be to find a parking space at your destination. Google says it’s now using historical parking data to calculate a parking difficulty score, which will be displayed in Google Maps’ directions card as … Read More

Distracted Driving And You

Distracted driving kills, its a fact. With people spending so much time in their vehicles today, one can be lulled into a comfort zone of pseudo predictability and boredom. This leads to the idea that we can do other things while driving, which is the first type of distraction, manual. This is any distraction that … Read More

How To Get Your Driver’s License In California

This can help you get your California driver’s license. Sometimes people can get overwhelmed with paperwork or government things so having some advice can make them feel more at ease. You have to take a test in Cali just like in other states. This tells you other things you need to know also. Key Takeaways: … Read More

Outdoors: New lake maps will help anglers – South Bend Tribune

Game fish use bottom contours as highways to and from feeding or comfort areas. Often, they will school on an irregular feature, such as a point, an inside turn of a drop-off, or on offshore humps. If you have knowledge of the seasonal patterns of each fish species, map study can lead you to those … Read More

Distracted Driving: Not Cool, Fool

Okay, it’s well understood, this is the 21st century. Anyone from Generations X through Millennial has probably spent enough time around computers and other electronic devices that the idea of someone being “techno-illiterate” actually seems like a pretty weird concept now. Not know how to use a computer? What are you, crazy? EVERYONE knows how … Read More

How To Pick The Right Online Driving School

This talks about choosing a driving school because it’s important to choose the right one. Tips for doing so are given. The right driving school can make the difference in your getting your license. Not every school is right for every person because they have diffrent methods of teaching the info. Key Takeaways: One of … Read More

Driving School Is For Adults Too

Most people in America have, traditionally, gotten their license to drive as quickly as humanly possible, already reading up on license applications at the age of 14-15 and chomping at the bit to get in there and get certified by the by the time midnight on their 16th birthday hits. But just because that’s the … Read More

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