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Spyker Seeing Spike in Demand for Manual Transmissions

Despite appearances and trends in the preference towards automatic transmissions, hardcore car enthusiasts have been leaning more heavily towards manual engines as of late, at least in regards to exotic vehicles. A small dip in interest seemed to suggest that automatic was the way to go, but recently the sale of automatic transmissions has dropped … Read More

2018 Lexus NX gets design, performance tweaks to keep pace with rivals

The upper grille is redesigned to flow more gracefully into the front bumper and blend into the hood and front doors. It also gets triple-projector headlamps similar to those in the new LC coupe. Under the hood, engineers increased rear stability and recalibrated roll rigidity in the front and rear to improve cornering. The suspension … Read More

Wee Volvo 20-Series Models Are Coming, and Perhaps to the U.S.

While we didn’t press Kerssemakers for deep details, he noted of the broader Volvo lineup that the company “only makes global cars, so [they] should apply to all parts of the world.” That would indicate that the 20-series, in some form, will come to the United States to join the upcoming compact XC40 SUV. It’s … Read More

Competition R8ed: Audi Debuts R8 GT4 Race Car

The car is intended to provide customer racing programs an option that requires a lower financial commitment than the existinand very successful R8 GT3 racer. If buyers aren’t interested in racing the car, it also can be bought and used privately as a sort of ballistic weapon for track days. Dubbed the R8 LMS GT4, … Read More

(Not) Coming To America: China’s Best-selling Automaker Fingers Trump for Decision to Avoid U.S.

The changing of the guard hasn’t kept other automakers from testing the waters, however. According to Bloomberg, Guangzhou Automobile Group is continuing its plan to establish a research center in the United States in order to conduct a preliminary study of the North American market. The general manager of the company’s Trumpchi subsidiary, announced at … Read More

Shanghai: Audi E-Tron Sportback concept

The Sportback is clad in plenty of LEDs that are visible both day and night. Digitally controlled Matrix LED modules can be found on the front and rear, with narrow light strips serving as daytime running lights on both sides below the hood. Small projectors and micromirror-studded surfaces enable additional LED panels to create animated … Read More

Will autonomous driving kill the sports car?

Autonomous driving is showing up more and more in the news because self driving cars are being perfected. Will this make sports cars obsolete? Some people love having zippy little sports cars so will be sad to see this happen to them. This discusses autonomous driving’s affect on the sports car and whether this will … Read More

Subaru recalls certain 2017 Imprezas to recode engine control software

Subaru is recalling certain 2017 Impreza models to fix a software issue that may lead to stalled engines. When using a winter fuel blend required in some North America regions, which vaporizes at a lower temperature, the fuel may begin to vaporize in the fuel line under high ambient temperature, low speed or stopped driving … Read More

Kia tests higher tier in home market

The Stinger GT is going to kick off a new line for Kia. Kia is attempting a new premium line in the South Korean home market with the brand new arrival of the GT. Kia has said that it will not pursue this strategy overseas at all. The new line of premium products will continue … Read More

Japan’s Five-Off Corvette Grand Sport Heritage Edition Is Just an Options Package in America

Chevrolet’s all new Corvette Grand Sport is America’s sweet child in the iconic USA’s sports car lineup. A lot of people don’t need the mountain of power that is the Z06, but most still want something a little more unique than the base Stingray. Read on to learn how this car is making waves. Key … Read More

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