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Flip This Porsche: Automaker Hopes to Stop Future Speculators

Porsche has taken some precautions into his own hands to stop flippers from taking their cars and making money on their older models. The company has made comments and about the insult they feel flippers has made against them. Knowing that flippers have made more money by tripling the values of older models the newest … Read More

Tokyo just can’t woo Detroit 3

Tokyo tried their hardest to design a car show theme a drawing out General Motors, Fiat Chrysler, and Ford. No matter the design, however, they could not be tempted by Tokyo’s allure. They will be sitting this next season out instead of showing off their new models at the car show. Key Takeaways: This year’s … Read More

Ace of Base: 2017 Toyota 4Runner SR5

If your in the market for a new vehicle then the 2017 Toyota 4Runner SR5 might be for you. Last year they sold more of these then in the previous dozen years. The new 4Runner looks much like an SUV then the original style.This vehicle has stood the test of time and is the fifth … Read More

Shootout at Texas dealership kills 3

Two men, posing as Federal agents but were really bounty hunters, showed up looking for a suspect at the Nissan dealership in Greenville, Texas last night. When the suspect arrived, a shootout ensued leaving all three of the men dead after over twenty shots were fired. The police are investigating and the dealership was told … Read More

Cross-Border Jeep Wrangler Theft Ring Busted in San Diego

Over 150 Jeep Wranglers have been stolen in San Diego since 2014 by a theft ring that originated in Tijuana, Mexico. The city’s Auto Theft Task Force relates that the thieves targeted the cars at the dealership and got the key codes which they used to request duplicate keys that allowed them to drive off … Read More

Report: Clean Vehicles Create More Manufacturing Jobs

What do Ohio, Kentucky, and Alabama all have in common? They’re full of new jobs. Along with the rest of United States, it seems that the auto industry has actually started to rise up from the ashes of recession. As our engines become greener, our futures just might continue to follow suit. Key Takeaways: Car … Read More

Perfect Pair: Original-Owner 1950s Mercedes-Benz 300SL Gullwing and Roadster Headed to Auction

An original owner of two fabulous Mercedes-Bens 1950s car models decided to give up the ghost and take them to an auction. What has caused this big decision? What would make this person want to give something up he has treasured for years? All questions and more answers are given within this auction. Key Takeaways: … Read More

Mazda’s road to premium

Mazda Mashiro discusses the pathway that his company is taking and how it feels to see the 2% of shares growing in his pockets. He claims that despite the fact that he does feel the company is small amongst the other side that he will be able to grow it into a stronghold. Key Takeaways: … Read More

BMW Wants Its Motorrad Concept Link Scooter to Be Your Personal Mobility Assistant

BMW has now added itself to the line of scooters in hopes of being snatched up for affordability in gas, parking, and the hopes that it can be seen as a dependable status for a motorized source of transportation. This new design and features is better for a riders safety and enjoyment. Key Takeaways: BMW’s … Read More

Canadian Province to Become Used Nissan Leaf Dumping Ground

Nissan Leaf was excited to announce that they were able to change their speed and distance figures and due to it has changed the dynamics of all of their aspects. Theses features has Nissan in a gloating mood a small they show off the Leaf to the public for everyone to see. Key Takeaways: The … Read More

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