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Driving A Stick Shift Car: Should You Do It?

A stick shift car, otherwise known as a manual car can be good when you want to save some fuel per miles you spend driving on the road. Consequently, a stick shift could prove tricky if you are anticipating distractions in your car, such as loud children, rowdy passengers, et cetera. In essence, drivers that … Read More

A good map is easier to find – The Arctic Journal

A precise map of Greenland is difficult to find even in this time and age of digital maps. This makes any investment endeavor more costly as maps have to be created before infrastructure planning can begin. Therefore, a project is in the works that uses high-resolution satellite images collected over the time frame of two … Read More

Safe Driving Tips: What Is Hydroplaning And How To Avoid It

Hydroplaning, the sudden skidding and sliding one can experience while driving a car in wet weather, can be a scary experience. There are some measures that can help to avoid hydroplaning such as keeping the tires properly inflated, rotating and replacing them as needed, driving slow on wet roads, avoiding puddles and standing water, not … Read More

Your Shareable Google Maps Lists May Be Really Interesting To Advertisers – NPR

It turns out that your shareable Google maps lists may actually be really interesting to advertisers. You can now create a list on your phone and share it with your friends. Google added this feature because it was heavily requested by people. It will make sharing your favorite restaurant with friends easier. Key Takeaways: Google … Read More

Google Maps is solving one of the biggest headaches for city drivers with its new feature – INSIDER

Parking is one of the biggest challenges for city driving, Google maps has a new feature that helps you decide wether or not to park at your destination or further away. You can only get this information if you are using the driving option on the App. A P label appears under driving directions and … Read More

It’s all about good timing

You’ll never have to hit a 90-mile-per-hour fastball, but you still need to keep those timing skills sharp if you want to be a safe driver. Reliably secure driving is built on experience, a well-maintained vehicle, and roadways that are functionally designed with safety in mind. You, as the driver, bind all those things together … Read More

GC student creates maps to help Tanzanian village – The Union-Recorder

A Georgia College student traveled to Africa and created maps for a village in Tanzania. These people said they were in dire need of better roads, and Jessica Craig decided that she would mark every spot via GPS that could be worked on. She believes that this may be the first physical map to ever … Read More

New FEMA maps show hundreds of Pierce Co. residents may now … – KOMO News

The US government agency FEMA, has been re-mapping various areas around the country concerning flooding. They have designated new areas of concern, as well as revising older maps. Addressed in this article, is the City of Parkland/Pierce County, in the State of Washington. Residents who are affected by this revised mapping, usually see their flood … Read More

Google Maps makes your favorite places social with launch of shareable lists – Ars Technica

One of the best ways to learn about new places in a city is word of mouth. Your friends may now a great new place. Google is trying to capitalize on this idea through tech innovation. They are creating customizable and sharable list through google maps. This will allow people to share their favorite places. … Read More

The Top 3 Best Drivers Ed Online Programs Compared – Which One Is Best?

Young people, just beginning their use of motor vehicles, need to be properly trained in the ‘rules of the road’. Online learning is a tool to get them off to a good start. The author of the article is an inside the ‘industry’ teacher, so his knowledge of the training available is more in-depth, than … Read More

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