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‘Where is PEI?’: Islanders seek recognition after province left off maps – CTV News

CHARLOTTETOWN — P.E.I. is smaller than Algonquin park, and has fewer residents than Oakville, Ont., so it’s used to being overlooked from time to time. But Islanders are facing a fresh indignity: being wiped off the map — several of them. The Hudson’s Bay Company was recently caught selling T-shirts and onesies featuring a map … Read More

Keeping drivers safe one road sign at a time

At the FHWA, safety is our top priority. We remind ourselves of it frequently, and to most people it probably seems like a simple mission. In fact, it‘s complicated. Safety can only happen when nothing is overlooked, even the font used on highway signs. We strive to make the U.S. road system consistent from coast … Read More

Federal judges find Texas gerrymandered electoral maps along racial lines – Chicago Tribune

Federal judges found more problems in Texas’ voting rights laws, ruling that Republicans racially gerrymandered some congressional districts to weaken the growing electoral power of minorities, who former President Barack Obama set out to protect at the ballot box before leaving office. The ruling late Friday by a three-judge panel in San Antonio gave Democrats … Read More

Texting And Driving Kills More Teens Than Drinking And Driving

While drinking and driving is a terrible choice and should definitely be discouraged so is texting and driving. It kills more teens. There are stats to back this up. The dangers of this need to be publicized so teens will make better choices. It could save many lives. Right now drinking and driving seems to … Read More

Apple patent uses depth maps for smart facial detection, bolsters iPhone 8 rumors – AppleInsider (press release) (blog)

Apple recently received a patent for a feature thought to be featured in the iphone 8, using infrared light to achieve depth-mapping to allow facial recognition. It is speculated that the feature will be part of a 3D camera system that can do anything from biometric authentication to use in gaming. Key Takeaways: Apple recently … Read More

New online tool maps economic impact of immigrants – Crow River Media

There are conflicting arguments about immigrants and what they’re doing for the economy. Some say they strengthen it and some say they hurt it by taking less pay and putting Americans out of jobs. You can now see their impact mapped out so you’ll know what’s going on. This will help you feel better about … Read More

The best way to honor Drive Safer Sunday is to drive safely

The Senate, in an attempt to make the Sunday after Thanksgiving safer for the extra multitudes of drivers taking to the road to go home, has declared that day as Drive Safer Sunday. With the notoriously heavy traffic on that day it’s important to drive safer, use your turn signals, follow the speed limit, leave … Read More

Many Alabamians can’t find themselves on a map, and that’s dangerous –

Many people from Alabama cannot find themselves on a map and that is a dangerous thing. After a tornado outbreak, people from Alabama were asked to find themselves on a map. A few of them could not do it. The reason this is important is because the people will be able to have warning before … Read More

Make It Stop: Companies Fight Texting and Driving

Of the 2 trillion text messages sent each year, too many are sent from moving vehicles. The 1drving texting resized 600 CDC stats on distracted driving are alarming, so much so that private corporations are stepping up to the plate. It’s not just non-profits and Ad Councils promoting safer behavior, BMW and AT&T have both … Read More

A summer survival kit every driver should have

A survival kit in this context is talking about what you should keep in your car. You need different things in the winter than you do in the summer. These things are what you need in case your car breaks down. This talks about the items you should keep on hand in the summer. Key … Read More

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