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China’s Geely Purchases Lotus, Plans to Restore the Brand’s Lost Luster

Zhejiang Geely Holding Group Company based out of China has bought a stake in the UK’s car company Lotus. The company has a history of saving other major car companies in the past, most noteably Volvo. They have big plans on buying into of other car companies in the future and they hope to improve … Read More

Limited-edition Bentley Continental GT celebrates racing

The Bentley Continental GT has captured the attention of racing fanatics. Even the drivers were impressed by the performance of the vehicle. Its superior speed and handling makes it a contender during any event. The model may also be the last limited edition Continental GT from the reputable manufacturer. Its 6 liter W12 engine is … Read More

Dodge Challenger SRT Demon to start at $86,090

The new Dodge Challenger SRT Demon is considered the most powerful muscle car. Demon’s cost starts at $86,090 and delivers 808 horsepower. The company is offering upgrades that will bump the horsepower to 840 ponies. Additional upgrades that can be purchased will cost the owner anywhere from $100 to $5000. Limited number of cars will … Read More

Fiat Chrysler recalling 1.25 million pickups for software error

To be proactive, Chrysler is recalling some of the pickup models to fix a software error. The error can cause the side airbags to be disabled and seat belt tension during a roll over. Likelihood of this happening is very low, and while there were 3 accidents it could have, no blame has been placed. … Read More

EV Sales Surge in California after Chevrolet Bolt Introduction; Hybrids Take a Dive

Electric vehicles are especially popular in California, and sales have increased since the introduction of the Chevy Bolt as a new competitor to Tesla. The Bolt, with it’s lower price, is enticing California’s environmentally conscious buyers to consider pure electric vehicles over hybrids like the Toyota Prius. Time will tell if Toyota will jump on … Read More

Hyundai’s Newest Crossover Has Hit a Snag

Hyundai is trying to break into the crossover & SUV market, where profit margins are higher. However, Hyundai is facing increased labor costs amid worker issues at it’s production factory in Ulsan, South Kora. With the public release of their latest crossover, the Kona, scheduled for later this year, this labor issue couldn’t come at … Read More

Pittsburgh is Getting Tired of Uber’s Corporate Nonsense

The article expresses growing disaffection for the intrusion of Uber in Pittsburgh after being initially welcomed. The city and citizens of Pittsburgh accuse Uber of being a bad corporate partner and not fulfilling its part of the bargain. Public transit unions have protested against Uber and Uber’s CEO’s alignment with President Trump has not improved … Read More

Lincoln expands Chauffeur service to 2nd market

Post covers the expansion of service of Ford’s Lincoln branded chauffeur service where a chauffeur is dispatched to drive your car. Initially started in Miami, service has expanded to San Diego. The service can also be used as a “go-fer” or personal assistant, but at the cost of $30 per hour. It’s like Uber, but … Read More

Mark Reuss, in the ‘knothole’

Mark Reuss leads his think tank on the track. He is GM’s product development head since 2014. Reuss has a knack for taking it back to the road in the effort to update the drawing board. His hands-on and tinker is a refreshing approach in what had seemed like the age of virtual simulation. Key … Read More

Aston Martin lands Tom Brady for endorsement deal

Tom Brady is a very famous football player. He’s a quarterback. Him working with Aston Martin is going to be good for them because it will help them get the recognition they need to attract new customers. Some who never thought about Aston Martins before might take notice when an athlete they like appears in … Read More

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