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How to Inspect and Replace Windshield Wiper Blades

Inspecting and replacing windshield wiper blades is an important thing. There is a certain way to go about doing it. You must inspect them regularly. They are made out of rubber, so even a small amount of use can have an impact on them. Changing the wipers is a really easy task. Key Takeaways: Windshield … Read More

Gurgaon: Bar owners use Google Maps to measure distance from highway – Hindustan Times

The Supreme Court directions to ban sale of liquor within 500m of state and national highways has an impact on establishments within this red zone. However, the advocate general of Haryana explained that drivable distance not aerial is to be used. This led bar and restaurant owners to use various means from technical teams to … Read More

Online Drivers Education Can Ease The Blow Of Independence

Let’s face it: when it comes to new drivers, the absolute best of the bunch are still among the bigger risks on the road. A good drivers education program, however, creates the mindset your children need to make it past the “new driver” stage. Such programs impart a sense of responsibility, and knowledge that goes … Read More

This Halloween, Drive with Focus and Avoid Unsafe Hocus Pocus

Driving on New Year’s Eve is recognized as a high-risk choice. Dark roads, cars full of loud partygoers, and inebriated drivers are a deadly mix. Could it be any more dangerous? It can: add some eager children running around on those unlit streets. Please be especially careful when you’re driving on Halloween. Key Takeaways: As … Read More

Drivers Ed Online For Homeschoolers In Virginia

The Commonwealth Of Virginia requires the fulfillment of a drivers education course for all new drivers. Like many other states, Virginia uses its public school system to deliver that course. What does that mean for homeschoolers? There’s no need to panic. Even outside of the school system, the process for meeting the requirement is straightforward. … Read More

Google Maps Could Be Alphabet’s Next Big Revenue Opportunity –

Google Maps latest enhancement is Lists – a feature that allows users to assign their favorite locations to self-defined categories. It’s only the latest step in the evolution of Maps from an add-on to a revenue center. With over one billion Maps users and an ever-increasing share of e-commerce funneling through smartphones, the potential is … Read More

An Online Drivers Ed Program For Mature Drivers

Are you chalking up to old age and slowly realizing your surroundings are becoming just a little less familiar and a little more questionable? Test your mental integrity with this practical online drivers ed program. With this handy online tool, one can test their sharpness and tact in their own privacy, while potentially safeguarding friend, … Read More

Spotlight on Safety: 5 Winter Driving Tips

Winter weather with cold temperatures, snow, and ice, requires drivers to take some precautions. Being proactive can save your life. This includes utilizing new safety technology, a charged battery, knowing how to react when skidding, checking your tires regularly, as well as bringing along an emergency kit, which includes necessary tools and provisions. Key Takeaways: … Read More

A Good Time to Check for Vehicle Recalls

A recall means that your vehicle’s manufacturer or NHTSA has determined there is a defect in your vehicle which represents a risk to your safety, or that the vehicle doesn’t meet basic Federal safety regulations that all vehicles sold in the United States must meet. It could be a defect that causes you to lose … Read More

Survive a Night in Your Car

It’s a harrowing statistic, but according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administrations National Severe Storms Laboratory, approximately 70 percent of winter weather-related injuries occur in an automobile. In areas where snow is a rare event, cars can slide off icy roads and become stranded in freezing weather, leaving passengers stuck right there with them. … Read More

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