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Google Maps redesign puts traffic, transit, places and more at the bottom of the screen – TechCrunch

Google Maps is updated and redesigned from time to time. The designers try to make using it easier for everyone. This is no different. The traffic and other things can now be found at the bottom of the screen. Knowing this will help you use Google Maps more easily. You won’t be confused if you’re … Read More

Google Maps images will be used to measure environmental damage in this city – Mashable

Environmental damage in cities can be measured with pictures. They can show vegetation, dirty water, smog and many other things. Google Maps is helping to do this with its images. This will help people know what needs to be changed or fixed in the environment. It should prove helpful. Working on the environment requires information … Read More

Reducing distracted driving…that works for me

Distractions while driving are always dangerous. There are many including texting, eating, people in the car and so many more. It’s important to try to pay attention while you drive because if you get distracted an accident could occur. This could be fatal so is definitely a problem. It can also get you a ticket … Read More

Google Maps Beta Update Brings Design Changes and Improved … – Softpedia News

Google Maps is very helpful. It has many great features besides just standard maps. It helps people find what they need to when they travel. There have been some updates lately and thy include some design improvements. Most will find that these make Google Maps even better and easier to use. Google Maps Beta Update … Read More

What To Know Before Purchasing A Car Cam

There are things you need to know before you purchase a car cam. Purchasing a car cam can be a really great investment. It’s a good investment for many different reasons. It can protect you from cases of insurance fraud. It can also prove your innocence in the case of accident liability. It is a … Read More

How to use Google Maps offline – Android Central

There is a way to use Google Maps when you are offline. There is an offline mode in Google Maps and it lets you download maps and get directions even when you are not connected to the internet. If you are travelling abroad a good option is to save that particular area offline so you … Read More

Quick Fix: Use Socks to Help Protect Your Windshield Wipers in Winter [GIF]

Windshield wipers can get damaged easily in harsh winter conditions. An easy way to protect windshield wipers is to simply put some old socks on them. Simply put the wipers in their upright position, place two old socks (long ones on windy days) over the wipers, and keep the wipers upright until the next time … Read More

Online Traffic School Reviews

There are some interesting online traffic school reviews. It is important to understand that there is no such thing as a fun experience at traffic school. They are all very boring and you will want to get out of there as soon as you get there. There are some bearable online traffic schools though. Online … Read More

The Long Mile :15

It is important to be aware of trains at all times. They can be very deadly and if you find your car on a track, you need to get out of there asap. The train takes a long time to stop, roughly the length of 18 football fields. So, always be aware of the tracks … Read More

Enable traffic notifications in Google Maps – AndroidGuys

Enabling traffic notifications in Google Maps is a really good idea. When you are planning a trip or a daily commute, then enabling traffic notifications in Google Maps is a huge plus. There are only a few steps you need to follow in order to find out about traffic. Make sure you are logged into … Read More

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