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FTA Funding to Help Chicago Rebuild for the 21st Century

For Chicago the L is a part of it’s rich history in commuting in and out of the city. The FTA is working to keep the Red and Purple lines of the railway system at the forefront of travel. With over $1 billion in federal funding the FTA is working to catch up with the … Read More

Animating Wave & Swell Forecasts

For those that are venturing out into the worlds waterways the possibility seeing sailing conditions is important. VentuSky has a new animation showing swells and waves. This animation makes it easy for maritime travelers to see what kind of conditions are happening in the waters and can help them change travel patterns when necessary. Animating … Read More

Using Google Maps in a Third World Country – XDA Developers (blog)

Nothing is more annoying than when Google Maps gives you the wrong directions, lists incorrect business hours, or doesn’t have updated street view photos. Of course, these are just everyday problems For Rawad who lives in Lebanon. Rawad took this team for a drive to show them what it’s like using Google Maps in a … Read More

SolarCity Shows Massive Rooftop Solar Growth Potential In America In 3 Maps – CleanTechnica

Americas leading solar energy company, Solar City, has taken to its blog to highlight the growth potential of rooftop solar in America by producing three maps that show the potential rooftop solar has in the US. Rooftop solar in the US has already seen growth over the past few years, with the cost of solar … Read More

Exploring New York, on Foot and With Maps – New York Times

New York is one of the most diverse and sprawling cities in the whole world. It has so much culture and history on every street and in every building. This is why this story is touching, a young daughter and her story of adventure and exploitation with her father. Looking back on it she sees … Read More

How to Adjust Your Motorcycle’s Clutch Cable [VIDEO]

So there is something wrong with your motorcycle. One of the most important parts of your motorcycle is the clutch, which connects your engine to the transmission and allows you to change gears. Regular maintenance of the clutch cable can help keep your motorcycle running smoothly, and there are a few do-it-yourself tips for proper … Read More

Maps of Kentucky’s snow plow priority routes available – The Independent

Are you prepared for the next snowstorm? The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet has just released maps of all its snow plow routes to help you get ready. To see them just visit and download the map of your county. In addition, if you find yourself on the road during a storm, make sure you follow … Read More

Have the courage to drop everything and travel

Most people dream of traveling around the world and experiencing new things every day. The majority of us will never get to see this dream come true due to the inability to leave our comfort zones at home. Blogger Kim Malcolm has much to say about why we should leave our comfort zones and travel … Read More

Maps of where our region’s jobs are, what types of jobs they are, and what they pay – Greater Greater Washington

The economic crisis, which has claimed more than 5 million jobs since the recession began, did not strike the entire country at once. A map of employment gains or losses by county tells the story of how those job losses first struck in the most vulnerable regions and then spread rapidly to the rest of … Read More

Majura Parkway yet to show up on GPS and iPhone maps, seven months after opening – The Canberra Times

The road links the Canberra Airport with the Federal Highway, with traffic now able to travel from Fairbairn Avenue to the Federal Highway near Gungahlin. The $288 million joint Commonwealth and ACT Government project is on schedule to be completed by the middle of 2016. Majura Parkway yet to show up on GPS and iPhone … Read More

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