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“Four Horseman” Is Not the Apocalypse, It’s a Four-Door Vintage Ford Bronco!

Four Horseman is the new Ford Bronco coming out. It is a four door with awsome looking interior with three rows of seats for plenty of group rides. The engine is four wheel drive and looks buff. The tires look large but cool and the bronco looks high up which makes it great for outdoor … Read More

Is the E46 BMW 3 Series the new budget-build Bimmer?

As far as milage goes on an e46 goes, anything around 100k will need a full cooling system, all new suspension minus springs, an oil housing gasket and a new fuel pump as I’ve see the pumps like to die right around the 120-130k mark fairly consistently. $1500-$2000 in preventive maintenance and you should only … Read More

Back to Basics: Nissan Slashes 2018 GT-R Pricing with New Stripped-Out GT-R Pure

Nissan is hoping to generate impressive sales figures with its latest vehicle models. Their Nissan 2018 GT-R is priced to sell and still features incredible advantages. The corporation has worked to slash more than $10,000 off of the sticker price. That makes the new 2018 Nissan GT-R much more affordable for everyday drivers too. Back … Read More

2018 Buick LaCrosse Avenir Arrives for Those Who Miss the Ultras

Do you miss Buick’s Ultra trim level? A new Buick luxury sedan is coming in 2018. Buick is reviving the Avenir sub-brand for its LaCrosse model. This lavish new model is loaded with extras. Script badges appear throughout its Chestnut leather interior. You can choose the optional high-tech navigation system, and the sunroof and Bose … Read More

Rather Dashing: Jeep Teases 2018 Wrangler JL’s Interior

The new design of the dash and interior are big improvements to the previous models. Jeep has gone a long way to make this a wanted vehicle. The bright color and updated features make this Jeep seem more friendly and fun to drive. Rather Dashing: Jeep Teases 2018 Wrangler JL’s Interior

10 Highlights from the 2017 SEMA Show in Las Vegas

The 2017 SEMA show in Las Vegas was certainly a crowd pleasing event. Note that the Toyota Prius is now powered by a Hellcat engine too. Features like these are sure to appeal to new buyers in the market. Enjoy the event and some of the special deals that are offered on site. Talk to … Read More

Hot Cars: The Most Frequently Stolen Cars (Plus More Data)

Due to several impressive theft deterrents, the percentage of stolen vehicles in America is continuing to decrease. Here is a list of the most frequently stolen models of cars in 2014, the last year these theft percentages were complied. It should be noted, that high profile, expensive cars usually do not make the list and … Read More

BisiMoab? Hyundai’s Two Best SEMA Concepts Go for Mileage and the Boondocks

Most immediately noticeable are the rear fender spats meant to increase aerodynamic efficiency. Set up with a pulse-chamber exhaust system, Racepack OBD monitoring electronics with an interactive OBD cluster, Carbon Revolution 19 by 5 inch one-piece carbon-fiber wheels, Buddy Club aluminum calipers, Recaro Pole Position racing seats, and a Progress Performance dropped coil-over suspension, it … Read More

Four-Eyed Fever: Goodguys Commissions a Beefy ’79 Fox Mustang

Muscle-car purists tend to decry anything built after that year as down on performance and less than classically styled. But 1972 was 45 years ago, classic muscle cars are often spendier to get into than later iron, and with shows like the ’80s and 90s themed Radwood popping up, snaring a new generation of enthusiasts … Read More

2018 Mustang GT V-8 Makes 700 HP with Ford/Roush Supercharger Kit

A lot of people are very thrilled about the 2018 Mustang car. But, a lot of people are finding that the 460 horsepower that is provided by its 5.0 liter V-8 is sorely lacking. Ford Performance along with Roush Performance has developed a brand new supercharger that boosts the output and does not put your … Read More

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