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Google Maps To Be Used For Measuring Mangrove Destruction In Mumbai – Wccftech

Environmental changes are now being measured in Mumbai using Google Maps. The Bombay High Court is using Google Maps to assess the amount of damage caused by real estate development in Mumbai. Google stores up to 3 years of satellite imagery that could help the court measure the destruction. This is one of the first … Read More

Political donations: New data maps industries’ web of influence – ABC Online

Beyond every good politician is a lot of money. This has never been more true in politics. It’s seems if you follow the money you will see the web of influence. A map has been created to see who donated money to politicians in Australia, and it shows they donate to politicians who protect their … Read More

Take a Very Cheap Trip Around the World Using Over 3300 Google Maps Screenshots – Gizmodo

Are you a little light on money? Have the holidays racked up charges to your credit cards that keep you from leaving town on a much needed vacation. If so, consider taking a vacation by going through 3300 Google Map Screenshots. Read on to see how you can see the sights without paying the price. … Read More

Bing Maps now offers real-time traffic for 55 countries – Neowin

Users can now watch not just their position on Bing Maps, but also that of all the traffic in the area. This lets you make lightning fast decisions based on the traffic flow, and you never have to listen to a dull, depressing radio broadcast describing accidents again. You will get accurate up to the … Read More

DOT seeks proposals for Beyond Traffic Innovation Centers

Our country will face a lot of challenges in the transportation industry over the next 30 years. The educational institutions are critical in helping us solve these problems. There need to be a lot of answers to questions like how we will we build a transportation system to work with the growing population in our … Read More

Viewing traffic and alerts on Google Maps [How-to] – AndroidGuys

First of all this is for Android phones or tablets, not for Apple devices or anything with Windows. It’s a guide to show you how to use Google maps successfully. Google maps can be extremely helpful if you know how to make it work for you so this is a great guide to have. Viewing … Read More

A New Stand Against Drugged Driving – Giving New Meaning to HIGHway

AAA Club Alliance is starting a public conversation about a challenge that is giving new meaning to the word HIGHway…that is, the emerging and growing issue of drugged driving, a problem that is quickly and somewhat quietly surpassing drunk driving as a major highway safety threat. This video opened the first ever Drugged Driving Summit … Read More

The Best Defensive Driving Course in Phoenix

Defensive driving is driving with the goal of keeping yourself safe and dealing with the bad driving of others around you. You sometimes have to drive to counter it. This talks about a good course that teaches it. The course is held in Phoenix, Arizona and is said to be very good. If you want … Read More

Mapping Air Pollution in 3D

Using the map you can view the locations in London with the worst projected air pollution. The map includes a few quick links to some of the most polluted locations in the city, such as the Dartford Crossing (on London’s M25 orbital motorway) and around Heathrow Airport. The map also includes a search option so … Read More

Site maps the things states are Googling the most after the election … – SFGate

This may have been one of the most contentious elections in recent history. While people are still trying to understand the result the things people are googling are very interesting. People are searching about trump and immigration but the most interesting and top searches are Golden showers, Vladimir Putin and Obamacare. Site maps the things … Read More

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