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For Lexus sedans, it could be do or die

Sedans aren’t doing that well in the market these days. It is time for the company to figure out what to do. If they don’t right away the line is doomed. Do or die means hurry up or it’s not going to happen. Companies often have to make changes in order to keep their products … Read More

Qoros K-EV Concept illustrations revealed ahead of Shanghai

Qoros will share the design of its futuristic electric car, Qoros K-EV, at the Shanghai Motor Show. The car will have a revolutionary appearance. Qoros has contracted with Koenigsegg to produce the vehicle’s drivetrain; other elements are still under consideration, including aspects of the electric plug-in. The electric car, which may achieve up to a … Read More

This Diesel-Powered BMW M550d Has As Many Turbos As a Bugatti

The speed is something else when it comes to car manufacturers. Although many manufacturers look at the automotive industry as a wholesale or group output, a great many of the car manufacturers out there concentrate on aspects such as speed. BMW is a more well known “speed dominator”. They have successfully produced a diesel powered … Read More

Video: 2017 MINI Countryman JCW Review Finds It’s Not a MINI

Taking a look at the automobile and the amount they’ve progressed in the advancement of its technology it shows great results. The idea of spending less gas, more mobility, and better overall build is what guides most automotive manufactures in their advancement. The MINI countryman JCE after being studied for a while and fully inspected … Read More

More power for the new BMW M4 DTM: 500 hp

The BMW DTM engine, the BMW P66/1, is an engine unlike any other. It aspirates 260 liters per second, the pistons accelerate over 600 times faster than a lunar rocket, and, in one season, 1.3 million ignition sparks are normally detonated in one P66/1 engine. All in all, the BWM DTM engine is unlike any … Read More

As Tears Go By: 1937 Talbot-Lago T150-C SS Goes Up for Auction

By reading this article we learn the iconic history of the car at hand, a beautiful, sleek 1937 Talbot-Lago T150-C SS. Not only do we learn the history, we get to experience just why the car is so iconic. It’s even represented itself with it’s daunting price tag estimated between $3.5-$4.5 millions dollars! As Tears … Read More

VIDEO: Doug DeMuro drives the BMW 1 Series M

In the article, we get an inside look on the experience of a man (Doug DeMuro) who has just driven a new BMW 1 Series M. Repeatedly, DeMuro states how nice the car is compared to the rest of the series BMW has to offer. Alongside DeMuro’s perspective of the car, we learn some interesting … Read More

FIRST DRIVE: 2018 BMW 440i Coupe

BMW is known for their brand of luxurious cars and everyone loves them because of the way they run. Their 3 series went really well so they now have a new 4 series coming out in 2018. It is said that the 4 series is somewhat like the 3 series but they wanted to change … Read More

Chris Harris vs Rory Reid RC Car Drift Off – Top Gear

Remote control cars still seem to be a huge deal in today’s society. The try to make remote control cars more modernized. However, these men in the video are testing an RC car to see how much drift it has. The first show a man deriving a car and drifting through what looks like is … Read More

You can now learn to drive in the BMW i8

Everyone wants to learn how to drive of course but a lot of people do not get the luxury to drive luxury cars. But, all that has no changed because london has a class where people with only their learners can learn to drive a BMW i8. The Bill Plant Driving School has orchestrated this … Read More

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