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2018 Hyundai Kona Mini SUV Revealed: A Bold and Much-Needed Mini Ute

This first Hyundai built upon a new platform expected to underpin a number of future models not to mention the upcoming Kia Stonic crossover the Kona is a funky-looking ute geared toward the customers with active and urban lifestyles that so many brands target with their marketing. Its expressive design is highlighted by chunky body … Read More

Super Formula plans even faster new car for 2019

A new super formula has come out that could mean for even faster cars in the year of 2019. This formula has excited millions at the prospect and can’t wait to see the models that will be putting these formulas to the test with beauty and pride in tow. Will you be a watcher or … Read More

2018 BMW 6 Series Gran Turismo First Look

2018 BMW 6 series Gran Turismo comes out with a chance for everyone to get their first look at the eccentric model. The beauty is bond to have buyers chomping at the bit to see every feature in person and test them out without any resistance, so why don’t you join the crowd and enjoy … Read More

2019 Volkswagen Arteon First Drive Review: Does It Have a Chance in the U.S.?

The R-Line has a more aggressive front end with intakes in gloss black and different bumpers. Inside, the roof liner goes black, door plates get the R-Line logo, which is also stamped on the seats, and it gets a flat-bottomed R-Line steering wheel. In Europe, the R-Line can be had with 20-inch wheels and a … Read More

Medical Drones Could Beat Ambulances At Saving Cardiac Arrest Patients

Drones have started to become a normal part of life with shipping and military. Well now they join the medical world as a possible ambulance response to help in an emergency. These drones would most likely beat the ambulance, but would they be able to properly help the emergent patients waiting on the other end? … Read More

It Took Aston Martin 11 Months To Put Headlights On The Valkyrie Supercar

Aston Martin took eleven months before finally putting headlights on the Valkyrie model. Why did it take so long for a very important needed safety feature, was their issues, or was he trying to make space for the features. All could be found out and more by reading and asking these very questions. It Took … Read More

BMW i Ventures Announces Strategic Investment in Proterra

BMW i Ventures has come out with yet another announcement for one of their prosperous models. This announcement reveals that BMW plans to move forward with a strategic Investment in Proterra. What exactly will that mean for the company or even the models? There’s one way you can find out. BMW i Ventures Announces Strategic … Read More

Apple finally admits to developing autonomous tech

Apple has come out and admitted that they do in fact use autonomous tech, something they have been hiding from the public for a good long while.Why keep this such a secret, is this tech a shame for the company or is their more secrets hidden behind the tech they don’t want to be dug … Read More

Here is another real life look at the BMW Concept 8 Series

Want to take a look at the new BMW 8 series? Well, they have released a view of what it would look like in real life once the product is finished. So for those of you waiting with bated breath, run over and look to your heat’s content till you just can’t wait to see … Read More

Rocky Mountain High: 500-HP Acura TLX and Aero-Clad Acura NSX Prepare to Scale Pikes Peak

The blog discusses the upcoming Pikes Peak International Hill climb race event and highlights the different types of vehicles and auto manufacturers that will be present at the race. Blog focuses particularly around Acura’s race entries for this year, giving examples and detailed descriptions of 3 different vehicle types present at this year’s race. But … Read More

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