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Seattle maps homeless encampments, but doesn’t share sites they deem most hazardous –

KIRO 7 News staff talked with the mayor’s homeless team on Thursday after launching a map with more than 35 confirmed homeless camps. The project,, also received more than 300 currently unpublished submissions that need to be verified by KIRO 7 staff. The map, which initially showed specific addresses, now groups camps by neighborhood. … Read More

Celebrate Labor Day, Yes, but Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over

August 21-September 7 the National Highway traffic Safety Administration will deploy over 10,000 state and local police to crack down on drunk driving. The Drive Sober Or Get Pulled over initiative aims to decrease the amount of accidents and deaths caused by excessive drinking around the Labor Day Holiday. There will be a no tolerance … Read More

First global maps of volcanic emissions use NASA satellite data – Phys.Org

Volcanic emissions are being mapped. Nasa data is helping with this. If we have this information we can keep track of what’s going on with volcanoes. We’ll know if they’re about to erupt. This could save lives and property. People will know if they would need to evacuate before the eruption actually occurs. There is … Read More

NHTSA Uses ‘The Force’ to Stop Drunk Driving

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s mission is to ensure drivers are safe when on the road. Teaming with over 10,000 police departments and state troopers, the NHTSA rolls out the Drive Sober Or Get Pulled Over campaign every holiday season. The Ads will be rolled out before the Star Wars movies to encourage movie … Read More

How to book an Uber using Google Maps – Android Central

How to book an Uber using Google Maps 1.Open Google Maps from your app drawer or home screen. 2.Enter your destination in the Search here textbox. 3.Tap the car icon to see your route. 4.Select the icon of the stick figure holding a briefcase to see options for Uber. 5.Tap on your desired tier to … Read More

Help Us Fight Drunk Driving This Holiday Season

t NHTSA, we spend a lot of time in December talking about drunk driving. That’s because the holiday season is a particularly dangerous time on our roads. Too often, when people celebrate the season with alcohol they then choose to get behind the wheel. Today, we traveled to the San Francisco Bay Area to join … Read More

Google Maps update will speed-up your next journey, but it doesn’t work for everyone –

Google has released an update to its popular navigation app, Google Maps. Now, users of the iPhone 6S and the iPhone 7 will be able to use the 3D touch features to access addresses on their clipboard and generally be more efficient with their travel planning. In addition, other Google Maps users will be able … Read More

‘Sweet Home: Alabama’s History in Maps’ exhibit coming to Birmingham Public Library – Alabama NewsCenter

The Birmingham Public Library’s downtown location is preparing to host a new exhibit that will whet the appetites of Alabama history buffs and map lovers. “Sweet Home: Alabama’s History in Maps” opens in the Fourth Floor Gallery of the Central Library, 2100 Park Place, on Wednesday, March 1 and runs through Sunday, April 30, 2017. … Read More

Just Say No To Distracted Driving

Distracted driving is the number one cause of traffic accidents. Distractions are caused by looking away from the road, removing your hand from the wheel or letting your mind wander. Texting, eating and drinking, personal grooming and fatigue all come with their own distractions and can be avoided to ensure both the safety of yourself … Read More

The Future of Drunk Driving Prevention

By now we all know that drunk driving is dangerous and obviously illegal. There have been many measures put in place to prevent it and to deter people as well. This talks about what might be done in the future along these lines. It’s interesting to see how technology is being used. The Future of … Read More

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