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New Tool Maps the Economic Impact of Immigration – Farm Bureau News

When immigrants first come to this county they are looking for a better life, and want to succeed in America. There is a new app and tool that can show how immigrants are making an impact in the country. It includes economic and maps as well. You can also use social media for immigrants to … Read More

Tips On Safe Driving In The Rain

For any driver out there they have realized that driving in the rain is a challenge. While the option is always to stay off the road while the roads are slick, it may not be a choice in example if you have to go to work or any other obligation. There are many tips that … Read More

These maps show what Americans think about climate change. – Grist

Whether or not climate change is a reality is a hotly debated topic. The Yale Project for Climate Communication determined 70% of Americans believe that climate change exists, but 58% simply don’t worry about it. In the wake of the recent presidential election 66% of the voters polled would like to see greenhouse gas output … Read More

Preparing Your Teen For Online Driver’s Ed

In order to prepare you teen to be a responsible driver, it is important that your teen gets plenty of practice time driving a vehicle. Make sure your teen knows state law and regulations, knows about fueling, maintenance, and insurance costs, knows not to use the cell phone while driving, and knows that impaired driving … Read More

Google Maps Will Show You Where Kong’s Skull Island Is – LRM Online (press release) (blog)

Marketing for Kong: Skull Island has gone to new heights. Now on Google Maps you can locate the island that Kong calls home. This is not the first time that Google Maps has been used to market a movie, last year Google Maps was used to promote Fantastic Beast and Where to Find Them. That … Read More

Tips For Driving Safely At Night

Driving at night is something that every single one of us has done during our driving career – and likely, it’s something we’ve done often. I don’t particularly mind driving at night; to me, it’s a time when the roads are at their clearest, and I enjoy having the road spread out in front of … Read More

Google Maps has a bit of a laugh by adding Kong’s Skull Island – TechnoBuffalo

To help celebrate the release of Kong: Skull Island this weekend, Google Maps has added a little joke to its services, one that is sure to make audiences laugh and infuriate those who demand the utmost accuracy. You can search for Skull Island on the service, and the fictional island will appear. Google Maps has … Read More

New maps show California’s statewide drought nearly over – KGO-TV

The ending of this drought in California is going to be such a relief for the residents. It is almost at an end. This is not just speculation either. There are maps which show it. When it is over things will be easier for all those affected by it. Droughts are hard and costly. New … Read More

Safe Driving 101

It should be noted that most folks with enough training are able to operate an automobile. However, there are rules to the road that drivers must follow in order to stay safe and keep other drivers out of harms way as well. Many of these rules and regulations may be found in drivers manuals and … Read More

Everything You Need To Know About Adult Driver’s Ed

Everyone has heard about both in-school and online driver’s education classes, and most everyone knows the purpose behind these classes. One thing that many people don’t know about, however, is adult driver’s ed. Adult driver’s ed, for those that don’t know, is exactly what it sounds like – driver’s education for adults. It is a … Read More

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