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Leader of the Track: 2017 Grand Sport Will Be the 14th Corvette to Pace the Indy 500

The Chevrolet Corvette and Camaro have taken turns pacing the Indianapolis 500. The Z06 took center stage in 2015 with Jeff Gordon at the wheel, and the 50th Anniversary Camaro SS paced the 100th running of the race last year with Roger Penske at the helm. This year it’s once again the Corvette’s turn and … Read More

Which defunct BMW would you like to see come back?

BMW must has its sights set on where it’s going, not where it’s been. However, there’s a lot of talk about BMW losing sight of its heritage, losing the fundamental aspects that make it our favorite Bavarian. So, just like Hollywood brings back old movie franchises when it needs a jolt, BMW could bring back … Read More

Brand New Hummer H1s Still Available to U.S. Army and Chinese Civilians

The vehicles will be vintage Hummer in appearance and come in three trim levels. Higher trims provide additional luxury, distancing the vehicle from the base model’s interior and its military roots. There are also four engine options providing some of the worst fuel economy in the industry. Most models will be assembled with a 6.5 … Read More

BMW’s first iNext model to be autonomous Jaguar I-Pace rival?

According to the automaker, “unique mud accumulation” in the rear frame pocket where the toe link attaches to the frame is to blame for the recall. The mud buildup can impede “articulation of the rear suspension toe link which may result in toe link fracture.” “A vehicle with a fractured toe link may experience noise, … Read More

Second place for Timo Glock in a thrilling Saturday race in Hockenheim

Starting from fourth on the grid, Glock made a good start and climbed to third place in turn one. Wittmann also got off the line well and slotted into seventh place. In contrast, Farfus failed to get off the line at first, and fell to the back of the field. While Glock moved into second … Read More

Next Porsche Cayman GT4 Won’t Go Turbo, Will Stick with Stick

The Porsche Cayman GT4 isn’t going to be changed by going turbo even though many other vehicles have gone this way. It will be staying the same with a stick shift. This is a more classic feature but others are still letting go of it in order to get on board with new technologies. Next … Read More

Russian Grand Prix: Predict who will be the top 3 qualifiers

The article asks readers to make their predictions as to which drivers will finish in the top 10 places at the Russian Grand Prix. The race takes place in Sochi where the winter Olympics took place in the past. Ferrari so far seems likely to dominate whereby they have secured the front row of drivers … Read More

Chevrolet Corvette eligible for 10% discount in May

During the whole month of may all the Chevrolet’s models of the Corvette are all ten percent off. This incentive is only for the 2017 models. Chevrolet is hoping that this will help with it’s sale number. The Corvette is one of Chevrolet’s more expensive cars and has an MSRP of around fifty thousand dollars. … Read More

Ferrari FXX K Walkaround – Top Gear – BBC

Jack Rix gives us a walk-around of the Ferrari FXX K, a race-honed mad-machine not eligible for any existing race series. A €2.5m hyper-road car you can’t actually buy. A car that, as Chris Harris pointed out, isn’t really a car, but a ticket to a very exclusive club. this is great. Ferrari FXX K … Read More

2018 Porsche 911 GT3’s Nürburgring Lap Time Lops 12 Seconds from Old GT3’s [Video]

The new GT3 may be one of the 10 fastest cars ever to run the Ring. The GT3 can affect Your pride and ego can be affected by the GT3. The new GT3 is improved in almost every aspect of performance. The front end has been resculpted and the rear end has been optimized. The … Read More

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