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Maps information is inadequate for proposed Newport-Mesa trustee areas, parents say at first hearing – Los Angeles Times

This area needs better maps. That’s what parents are saying. It was important enough for them to go to the meeting about it. It’s good they could make their concerns known. Maybe now better maps can be made so the info is better and so the area can be navigated more easily. Maps information is … Read More

UCF Downtown officials reveal new campus site maps, more on what’s ahead (Video) – Orlando Business Journal

It’s good to have a map of a campus so you can find your way around, and this is especially true if the campus recently changed, moved, or otherwise isn’t what you’re used to. Getting lost at college can mean you miss a class or important test. If these maps are available definitely get yourself … Read More

Which Car Camera Is Best?

There are car cameras compared and contrasted here. If you are going to buy one you should look at this so you can choose the best. They have different features and not all of them will meet your needs. A car camera is not something you should buy without research. Which Car Camera Is Best?

The option to save your parking location has disappeared from Google Maps – Android Police

It was very helpful when Google Maps let you save your parking location. It made finding your car easy so you didn’t have to wander around a parking lot for a long time. That option is gone now and that is unfortunate. Many people surely want it back so they can use it wen they … Read More

Quiz: Extreme Temperature Preparedness

This will help you see whether or not you know how to prepare for extreme temps. Extreme hot or cold can be dangerous if not dealt with properly. Either one can make you sick. You can even die. It’s good to know what to do and what not to do as well. Quiz: Extreme Temperature … Read More

Google Maps Tool Lets Users Share Their Location with Friends – Voice of America

Google started rolling out the new location sharing feature in Google Maps today, which is vastly more streamlined than the old method. You can share your location with a contact, of course, but there’s more to it. You can also create links that share your location, and they come with all the same controls as … Read More

5 Maps That Show China’s Biggest Limitations – Forbes

China is one of the largest and most powerful countries on earth. It’s size is in it’s economy, population, as well as it’s geographic size. However, as this Forbes article points out, most of China’s population centers lie along it’s Eastern coastline. The majority of it’s landmass in Central and Western China is uninhabitable desert. … Read More

Google removes location sharing from Google+ as it appears for more Google Maps users – 9to5Google

Google is making moves to change the way people share their locations with their networks on google maps. Before it was possible to share your location via your social network, though recently this option has been removed. However, it has been moved into the latest version of google plus, and can be used with the … Read More

Talking about transportation in the Trump administration with the “CodCast”

CodCast, the Commonwealth Magazine’s radio talk show is featuring a segment with Transit Board Members discussing President Trump’s promises to put together a one trillion dollar infrastructure program in the United States. They will look into how the budget his administration announced fits into the promises he has made about the infrastructure program, and what … Read More

Wallingford company maps ocean floor, competes for Shell XPrize – Meriden Record-Journal

Shell is supporting the opposition, which will challenge groups to delineate 2,000-kilometers-profound, 500-square-foot territory of ocean bottom utilizing self-sufficient robots. The three-year challenge gives an exhibit and proving ground for innovation created by Exocetus Self-governing Frameworks on Laser Path, producer of the Exocetus Seaside Lightweight flyer, which highlights a licensed lightness motor to productively travel … Read More

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