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Car and Driver Test: BMW 540i vs Mercedes-AMG E43 vs Audi A6 3.0T vs Cadillac CTS V-Sport vs Jaguar XF S AWD

When it came to ranking the Jaguar got last place the competition. Most of the other cars have better quality, superior luxury and technology. The BMW 540i takes up fourth place. The C&D is behind some of its better competitors because of its numb steering. The Audi A6 3.0T has third place. The Cadillac CTS … Read More

Merchandising! Mercedes-Benz Japan Offers Star Wars–Themed CLAs

Japan always sells interesting products. Their Mercedes Benz dealers are offering Star Wars as an option. Star Wars is huge now since the new movies are coming out so this is bound to be popular. It is brilliant marketing. Some people really take their movies and sci fi seriously and will want this reflected in … Read More

VIDEO: Can you really fit all of your groceries in a BMW i8?

The BMW i8 is a nice car but might not be right for everyone, including those with large families. This shows you whether or not you can get a good amount of groceries in it. If you shop a lot and want this car it may help you to decide. VIDEO: Can you really fit … Read More

The McLaren 720S ‘Drift Mode’ Is Not What You Think

Drifting a car is a talent that only professional drivers can truly master, so the idea of being able to push a tiny button to achieve the trick is tempting. While it may seem like the McLaren 720S is an adrenaline junky’s dream come true with it’s new “Drift Mode” button, the truth of the … Read More

Chris Harris Talks Bugatti Chiron – Top Gear

One of the best things about luxury and sports cars is the design. They’re not only fun to drive but also amazing eye candy, and Top Gear doesn’t disappoint in bringing us the sweets. On the dessert tray today is the Bugatti Chiron, and Chris Harris speaks in-depth on its features, handling, and whether we’ll … Read More

The BMW i8 Got the ’80s-Tastic Paint Job It Always Deserved

Want a car that can really go back to the future? Garage Italia Customs has created a unique looking paint job for two BMW cars that, while not available to the public, was recently shown off at a Milan furniture show. Few words are spoken in this article, but the pictures that accompany it are … Read More

VIDEO: BMW Z4M Coupe on The Smoking Tire

Want to drive a BMW but don’t have the cash to drop? Matt Farah can help you out, as he puts the BMW Z4M Coupe to the test on the open road. The car has been tweaked a little as far as modifications, and he goes into what’s been changed along with how those changes … Read More

Delphi Gets Its Own Spinoff, Core Focus Now on Autonomy and EVs

Better fuel efficiency is important to consumers, as is shifting to a more sustainable fuel source for vehicles. At least that seems to be the trend that supplier Delphi has latched onto, seeing a significant rise in stock prices after announcing that it will move away from engines that use gasoline. The company is even … Read More

Drive a New Civic? Got a Tax Refund? Time to Add Power

Honda’s new Civic is a heck of a car, even if the styling is polarizing. But it’s not a performance car like Civics of old, where mixing and matching engine and transmissions from other models could yield a very quick ride with a stratospheric redline. Enter Hondata, the firm that’s been tuning Honda engine management … Read More

Porsche’s A-pillar Airbag Patent Could Prevent Serious Headaches for Convertible Owners

A segment of the automotive enthusiast community holds a real prejudice against convertibles. While the majority of the ire stems from an irrational bitterness or assumption that any car that sacrifices any amount body stiffness for style is inherently wrong, there is one valid complaint: most convertibles are less safe in a crash than a … Read More

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