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Internet Users to Access Streets of Palestine via Google Maps – International Middle East Media Center

People around the world will soon be able to walk the streets of Palestinian cities, via Google Maps, says Safa Dweik, director of the maps department in Ramallah. She told WAFA Palestinian News & Info Agency that Google and the Palestinian Ministry of Telecommunication and Information Technology (MTIT) have worked together to put the Palestinian … Read More

How To’s Of Driving: Roundabouts

As a new driver, there are many things that you might encounter on the road that you may not have had to deal with while driving in your driver’s education class. One of these that I feel is important, especially as they are being placed in more and more areas on the road, is the … Read More

Tourist in Rio shot when Google Maps took her through notorious favela gangland on her way to Christ the Redeemer … – The Sun

The group of tourists – who arrived in Rio last week to attend the Carnival – were trying to get to the city’s famous Christ the Redeemer statue when they made the fateful navigation error. Following directions on Google Maps, the couples drove into one of Rio’s infamous crime-ridden slums, known as favelas, according to … Read More

Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Winter Driving Safety?

Some might think that the best thing about winter is snow. According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, about 23 percent of weather-related vehicle crashes occur in adverse weather like rain, sleet or snow. Are you prepared to drive in the coming winter months? Test your winter safe driving skills with this quiz. Quiz: How … Read More

Tourists shot at after using Google Maps in Rio de Janeiro during Carnival – AOL News

A tourist visiting Rio De Janeiro for Carnival was shot after mistakenly entering a slum using Google Maps. The 42-year-old Argentinian tourist was shot in the back after she drove into the slum with her husband and another couple while using Google Maps to try to find ‘Christ The Redeemer.’ Tourists shot at after using … Read More

Top 5 Motorcycle Maintenance Tips [VIDEO]

Before you head out on your motorcycle, paying attention to a few simple maintenance tasks can help keep your bike operating smoothly and help ensure a safe ride. Motorcycle enthusiast Jamie Robinson of shares his top five maintenance tips before heading out on the open road. Follow the guidelines and stay safe. Top 5 … Read More

Tourist shot in Rio after Google Maps led her through crime-ridden slum – Ten Eyewitness News

Argentinian tourist Natalia Lorena Cappetti, 42, was with her husband and a Spanish couple when the horrific incident unfolded. The couples’ drove into Rio’s crime-ridden slum when Google Maps made a navigation error. According to local police, the shooting occurred about 3pm local time. Tourist shot in Rio after Google Maps led her through crime-ridden … Read More

Dealing With Hazardous Drivers

Even the safest drivers have to know how to not become an impaireddriver. Avoid drugs and alcohol if you know you are going to drive or ask someone to drive for you. Do not drive while over tired, you won’t have quick reaction times to hazards. Avoid speeding, give yourself enough time to get where … Read More

This Google Maps Hyperlapse Video Is Hyper Cool – TravelPulse

Google Street View is an awesome way to waste some otherwise valuable time. It’s a great way to explore possible holiday destinations as you daydream through the transom of the workday. Well, if you are severely short on time, you can enjoy the following hyperlapse video that was created by graphic design student Matteo Archondisto … Read More

Tourists using Google Maps to get to Rio landmark enter favela, get shot – Fox News

An Argentinian tourist is fighting for her life after she, her husband and another couple visiting Rio de Janeiro tried to get to Christ the Redeemer statue following Google Maps directions — and ended up in a dangerous favela (slum). 42-year-old Natalia Lorena Cappetti underwent surgery to remove a bullet that entered through her back. … Read More

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