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Comment Of The Day: All The Dream Cars That Let Us Down Edition

Nissan planned to release a new concept car, the IDx, in an effort to reestablish itself with consumers seeking affordable sporty cars in a compact package. Nissan ultimately decided to not bring the concept to market. Similar concepts from a Toyota and Subaru collaboration were brought to market but were poorly received by consumers seeking … Read More

They Were There: Cannonball Run Racers’ Outlaw Tales (and a New Movie!)

Watching the movie “Cannonball Run” does not do justice to the actual races that took place during the 1970s. Several teams worked to race cross-country while avoiding fines, tickets and other slow downs. There is a new movie coming out from the people who actually participated in the races. In it, they will retell their … Read More

607 Horsepower, Maximum Luxury: Porsche’s New 911 Turbo S Exclusive Series Coupe

The New 2018 911 Turbo S Exclusive Series coupe is a car that goes well beyond putting down impressive track numbers. With its 18-way adjustable seats, black painted calipers, and an optional set of matching luggage the car appeals to customers in the market for not only 0-60 times, but also style and luxury. The … Read More

Parked In Drive: 1974 Citroën 2CV Camionette

It took three years to get the 1960 2CV Camionette in Mullin’s collection from it’s first owner. Mullin restored it, painted it burgundy, and filled it with select wines and presented it to his wife Merle on their wedding anniversary. One of the cars is permanent collection, and the 1974 Citroën 2CV Camionette is being … Read More

Frozen Orange BMW M4 Pays Homage to Dukes of Hazzard’s General Lee

A BMW owner in Germany decided to make a tribute to General Lee from the famous Dukes of Hazard series. This owner got a modern BMW m4 and painted the number one on the doors, and the confederate flag on the top of the hood. Even though it is not the exact same as the … Read More

BMW Z8 prices have skyrocketed

The BMW Z8 has become a modern classic over the years. When this model was first released one could purchase this vehicle for $128,000. Now, however, to get a lower mil-aged Z8 you are looking to spend at least $350,000. Since BMW has decided to keep parts for this vehicle in stock for years and … Read More

Honda launching automated highway driving by 2020, we test it today – Roadshow

Honda is developing a autonomous vehicle, meaning that it will provide a safer way to drive. The prototype can do things like lane prediction, sensors to help someone to stop, automatic vehicle passing capabilities, and much more. Honda’s goal is to release this vehicle in the year 2020.  Honda launching automated highway driving by 2020, … Read More

For Sale: 1972 BMW 2002 tii with S14 engine

A BMW 2002 is being auctioned right now for a price of $66,000. The BMW 2002 model is what peaked the popularity of BMW in the United States, showing just how good of sports cars this company can produce. There are many BMW’s being auctioned all over, but this particular one is a 1972 BMW … Read More

Facebook to Provide Data Maps to Help Agencies After Natural Disasters – Voice of America

Facebook and UNICEF have partnered to assist in disaster relief efforts. Facebook has agreed to provide maps that provide information about population density and movement in the times around disasters. UNICEF as well as law enforcement and disaster relief organizations can use this info to determine where personnel and resources should be sent in order … Read More

One of the best BMW race cars will hit the track again at Silverstone

Many are excited about the return of the BMW 635 CSi to the Silverstone Classic this year. With the ability to get to 8400 rpm and the 3.5 liter twin cam 16 engine, it is no wonder that this car is a huge hit with BMW fans. Not only does it have some power under … Read More

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