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2019 Lincoln MKC Navigates to a New Nose

The Lincoln MKC is their new smaller SUV. This car has been remodeled to join the same square nose of all the other cars in Lincoln’s stable. It has an excellent collection of safety additions, like collision and pedestrian avoidance, but the engine and performance stay the same. For this reason, Car & Driver expects … Read More

Genesis Design Chief Tells Us How He’ll Define the New Luxury Brand’s Style

Genesis is a fairly new brand on the car scene. Split only two years ago from Hyundai, this line is setting designs and seeking a path of its own. Their current head designer Luc Donckerwolke comes from Volkswagon and is lending his expertise and style to this high end brand. The models are changing as … Read More

The 650-Horsepower Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus 004S Has a Central Driving Position

Ever wonder just what driving position you can get out of which vehicle? Well, what if you have a thing for…. more unusual vehicles? Now you can feel like a racing legend with a car fit for a racecar driver. “The 650-Horsepower Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus 004S Has a Central Driving Position” tells you all about … Read More

Grand Convertible: Bentley’s Topless Offering Is for the Top of the Top Percentile

Bentley is a car that is associated with luxury and high end transportation, but Bentley decided the normally luxury needed a tweak with the addition of the Grand Convertible. The luxury doesn’t stop at the engine or the car, but even extends to the walnut veneer that surrounds the car. It is the first car … Read More

Stumbling Horses: These Are the Worst Ferraris Ever Made

Ferrari is a car people name when they talk about a great performance vehicle, but even a company known for greatness can have some missteps. One of the first missteps is their Dino line from the 70s. The car was ugly even by 70s standards but the 3.0 liter V8 was notoriously slow for a … Read More

Four Arrested in Tesla Theft: Dirty Crooks or the Ultimate EV Fans?

A peculiar car theft story involving for men unfolded near a Tesla dealership in Salt Lake City. In what proves to be a strange story starting with one of the suspects claiming to be named Tesla, four people are in police custody and although it seems all of the stolen merchandise has been returned, many … Read More

“Four Horseman” Is Not the Apocalypse, It’s a Four-Door Vintage Ford Bronco!

Four Horseman is the new Ford Bronco coming out. It is a four door with awsome looking interior with three rows of seats for plenty of group rides. The engine is four wheel drive and looks buff. The tires look large but cool and the bronco looks high up which makes it great for outdoor … Read More

Is the E46 BMW 3 Series the new budget-build Bimmer?

As far as milage goes on an e46 goes, anything around 100k will need a full cooling system, all new suspension minus springs, an oil housing gasket and a new fuel pump as I’ve see the pumps like to die right around the 120-130k mark fairly consistently. $1500-$2000 in preventive maintenance and you should only … Read More

Back to Basics: Nissan Slashes 2018 GT-R Pricing with New Stripped-Out GT-R Pure

Nissan is hoping to generate impressive sales figures with its latest vehicle models. Their Nissan 2018 GT-R is priced to sell and still features incredible advantages. The corporation has worked to slash more than $10,000 off of the sticker price. That makes the new 2018 Nissan GT-R much more affordable for everyday drivers too. Back … Read More

2018 Buick LaCrosse Avenir Arrives for Those Who Miss the Ultras

Do you miss Buick’s Ultra trim level? A new Buick luxury sedan is coming in 2018. Buick is reviving the Avenir sub-brand for its LaCrosse model. This lavish new model is loaded with extras. Script badges appear throughout its Chestnut leather interior. You can choose the optional high-tech navigation system, and the sunroof and Bose … Read More

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