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The Best Vehicle Cam Systems For Your Car

Tribes typically operate small transit systems of half a dozen buses and a handful of vans. In many tribal communities, those buses and vans provide the only option for residents to address basic needs through grocery shopping or medical appointments. In other communities, transit buses provide long-distance travel to help residents get to faraway jobs. … Read More

Can you hear me now? First-ever noise maps of America’s largest cities (SLIDESHOW) – Atlanta Business Chronicle

Where are the noisiest places to live? These maps outline that. It’s an interesting concept since most have probably never heard of a noise map. You can see if your city is on the list or if one you want to move to is. Maybe you don’t want to live where there’s tons of noise. … Read More

Detailed 3D Mining Maps & Future Reclamation Views Highlighted in Proof-of-Concept HoloLens App – NextReality

There is a Seattle based mixed reality and development studio that can now peer into the future with their new geotechnical engineering visualization application for Microsoft HoloLens. This was developed in partnership with BCG Engineering. That is a geotechical consulting firm based in Vancouver Canada. The application pulls data from many sources to create immersive … Read More

4 maps of past empires that can tell us about the future – Business Insider

There are 4 maps of past empires that can tell us about the future of our world. Studying history has very little practical utility in averting past outcomes. We are doomed to repeat our history, whether we know it or not. The value in history is not in knowing how to prevent recurrences, but something … Read More

This Summer, Remember: Heatstroke Kills

On average, nearly 700 people die each year from extreme heat. It’s the most serious threat to your outdoor summer workout, but there are ways to reduce the danger if you’re careful. Heat stroke hits when your body’s thermoregulatory system gets overwhelmed and fails in extreme temperatures. When this happens, it doesn’t matter if you’re … Read More

[VIDEO] Live hangout with T4America’s new director – Monday at 4 p.m. Eastern

There was a recent live hangout with Transportation For America’s new director. The hangout took place on Monday at 4 pm Eastern time. There was a question and answer session with him where they discuss many different topics. They cover areas like President Trump and other things. The budget is one hot issue they talk … Read More

The five maps that will change the way you look at the world: How the continents can change dramatically depending … – Daily Mail

Different maps show different things and the ways they show them can also vary. There are different kinds of map making techniques out there. There isn’t just one accepted technique. It’s important to remember this when deciding on a map to follow. This shows five maps and how they show the continents of the world … Read More

New Study Maps Space Dust in 3-D – Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

“The light from those distant galaxies travels for billions of years before we see it,” according to Schlafly, “but in the last thousand years of its journey toward us a few percent of that light is absorbed and scattered by dust in our own galaxy. Just as airborne dust in Earth’s sky contributes to the … Read More

Google Maps & local utilities team up to fight methane leaks – RT

Google Maps is expanding its mapping application to include the locations of methane leaks. Google will add methane sensors to its mapping vehicles, which will make it easier for utility crews to find gas line leaks. Once the technology is perfected scientists hope that utility companies will be able to make decisions on how to … Read More

Preparing for the Transportation of Tomorrow

The mode we use commonly for transportation obviously changes when new things are invented and adopted. We no long use horses much for that anymore. We went to cars, planes, etc. What will tomorrow bring? This discusses that and how to prepare for it. This is important because the world is always moving onward. Preparing … Read More

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