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Toyota GR HV Sports Concept: A Targa-Top, Hybrid 86 with a Faux Stick-Shift

The Toyoto GR HV is the future of hybrid sports cars. The car has the ability to actually manually shift gears giving you the impression of a real 6 speed car. The development of the car is still on the way. Toyota is still thinking if they want to follow through with the car. The … Read More

A New Epoch: All-New Toyota Century Unveiled

The half century old Toyota Century will be getting a remodel, says the Japanese company. The Toyota Century hasn’t had a remodel in over two decades. The Century’s motor will be getting an overhaul. They will be switching from a V12 to a hybrid V8. The car will still have a whopping 438 horsepower. That’s … Read More

QOTD: Is It Time for a Cadillac Pickup?

The idea of a Cadillac pickup truck isn’t new and it isn’t confined to the aftermarket conversion industry. The Escalade EXT made it through two generations before following its Chevrolet Avalanche sibling into the grave. One of my business partners bought a pearl white EXT a while back and had Cleveland’s Roman Chariot customizers liberally … Read More

Subaru Ascent Production Begins in Spring 2018: Work Underway To Squeeze SUV Into Indiana Facility

Does it seem to you that more foreign cars seem to be produced in American than American cars? Subaru is foreign car marker with high scale production in the US. The car company has reported strong year over year growth, and is now looking to make its plant in Indiana even more efficient. If you … Read More

Midst Yet Another FCA Sales Decline, Jeep Shows Powerful Signs of Life

Jeep is one of America’s favorite brands. From landing on the beaches of Normandy to driving the kids to soccer practice. Jeep has always been there. And even know as trends for this vehicle are in a slow decline, Jeep is yet again resisting and making its mark on the world. Check out this article … Read More

Rare Rides: This Skoda 120 From 1985 is Red, Like the Communism That Built It

Do you enjoy sentiments of the past? Then you must check this out. Have you ever heard of Skoda? Well it’s a vehicle, a car that was produced in communist Russia. It made its wanderlust debut in 1976. This particular car will be hard to find in the US, according to the article only one … Read More

QOTD: Have Truck Prices Gone Mad?

People might be wondering if truck prices have gone crazy. People have been predicting it to happen for years now. People can now walk into a truck dealership and spend over 100 grand on a vehicle. There are some very expensive cars out there, but there are deals that can be found in unlikely places, … Read More

Any Electric Mazda Will Actually Be a Toyota

Have you ever heard of a gas compression ignition? Do not feel bad, neither had I. Check out this article for more information. Mazda has sort of double downed on gasoline engines. However they have also partnered with Toyota. The two massive foreign car makers plan to spend significantly to develop a sales channel in … Read More

Halfway There: 2017.5 Mazda 6 Adds New Standard and Optional Features

One of the most competitive markets for new vehicle purchases. The mid-sized sedan has come a long way. Mazda is looking to give you a whole lot more car for the same price! The first two packages gets you a lot more luxury for your dollar! You are looking at heated leather seats, navigation, Bose … Read More

2018 Honda Accord First Drive – Like It or Not, Honda Will Sell a Lot

This Honda is going to be popular. Even if you don’t like Hondas you will have to acknowledge that. Many see them as reliable vehicles and worth the money. They are among the most popular car manufacturers. The new 2018 Accord has many features people look for in a car. 2018 Honda Accord First Drive … Read More

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