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All-New Ram 1500 Revealed! Redesigned and Hybridized

The new Ram 1500 is Dodge’s addition to the high end, heavy duty truck market. Like its predecessors, it is designed to work and comes standard with a V6 or an upgraded V8 Hemi engine. They also contain a proprietary eTorque system which can increase the torque to 90 fps in the V6 and 130 … Read More

As Tesla Model 3 Reservation Holders Wait (and Wait and Wait), GM Says It’ll Play Nice

While hundreds of thousands of customers have paid $1000 each to reserve Tesla 3’s, production problems are holding up delivery of the cars. Consumers may have to wait until 2020 or later before they actually see the cars. Meanwhile, GM says it won’t be taking advantage of the opportunity to lure buyers to its own … Read More

Toyota Intends to Deploy Autonomous Rolling Stores by 2020

Toyota is planning to start a line of autonomous stores, rolling around the neighborhood. Much like the rolling pizza store in the latest season of “Black Mirror” these stores will be able to bring you items that you request and do it without a driver. Full details on what they will carry are not there … Read More

2018 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport in Depth: Clearance-Bin Prices, Clearance-Bin Character

The Mitsubishi Outlander Sport gives you what you pay for. It is cheap and boring, but recent updates give it some helpful cosmetic appeal. Of the crossovers it competes with, it is the least desirable. It is inexpensive and will last a long time, a very good warranty contributing to its longevity, but the inside … Read More

Nissan, Renault, Mitsubishi Hunting for Robo-taxi Deals With Tech Companies

While they consider building cars for sale as their main job, major car companies are looking into expanding to the Robo-Taxi business. Working with the larger tech companies is a possibility, but developing their own tech is equally important as they look to the future expansion of their business models and what future customers may … Read More

Exploring Alfa Romeo’s Big ‘Sales Surge’ in 2017

Alfa Romeo had a banner year in 2017. Previously offering only one choice in the US, they are now offering two. After offering the Giulia, a luxury sedan, Alfa Romeo increasing the number of cars it imported to the United States from 516 to 12,031. It was a big increase for the company, but it … Read More

Horner: Verstappen stayed strong during Red Bull F1 rough patch

Verstappen, a top Dutch F1 racer, was able to finish strong this year. He recently signed back on with Red Bull team even though they and he had a less than stellar previous year. He had some disappointing finishes, but with better design and added aggression on the track, he was able to control a … Read More

When Will We See Chinese Cars On North American Roads?

Chinese motor companies, though a major part of the world car economy, are not present in the US. The reason isn’t clear, but there have been showings of their companies at car shows, even in the 2000s. One company is planning on entering the market in 2019. They have opened an R&D lab in Silicon … Read More

EV startups try to avoid being stepped on as auto giants push into market

A decade ago, the hurdles for EV startups were great. It was hard for early companies such as Lucid, Fisker Automotive and Tesla to create new components and products for electric vehicles. But today, those hurdles have lessened. Many of the big auto brands are racing to the market by scaling and tooling new electric … Read More

2018 Porsche Panamera Turbo S E-Hybrid Sport Turismo First Drive: The One with Everything

Porsche has taken the popular concept of a station wagon, with it’s convenience features with a luxury car in it’s new Turbo S E-Hybrid. It’s efficient and can still obtain fast speeds without overheating. The drawback is that the battery uses more space, taking away from cargo room and weighs about 600 pounds. Key Takeaways: … Read More