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Info On What’s Happening In The World Of Stand-Alone GPS Units.

GPS Maker TomTom offers Mapping API

GPS maker TomTom announced that they will be offering their API for web developers. While it will delivered in the normal javescript based code, the data can be updated in real time from their navigation units in the field.  Although TomTom is one of the few GPS makers that uses it’s own map data, This is a … Read More

Police use GPS to track attacker of an elderly woman

Police In Washing DC used a GPS device to track and capture an attacker of an elderly woman. They don’t say what type of device was used in the investigation. More here: Police used GPS to find attacker of elderly woman – DC Breaking Local News Weather Sports FOX 5 WTTG.

My Upcoming Trip To Las Vegas

At the end of the month, I’ll be flying out to Vegas for the Vemma convention. I love to go to Vegas, and I’ll pretty much go there for any reason, but in this case, It’s for business. Because of the fact that I suffer from plantar-fasciitis, I can’t really walk the entire length of … Read More

Why the TomTom GPS is Your Best Choice

Are you one of those people that insists during car trips that you know where you’re going, only to find out that you don’t have a clue? I learned that about myself the hard way. We were on our way to Orlando and I was convinced I would be able to find the hotel that … Read More

Garmin GPS system really helped me

Last year I went to Australia with my cousin. I am from Fiji Islands and I have a handful of family memebers and friends who are migrated and settled in Australia. Australia is so big and the roads are so complicated that i had no idea where exactly i was. The roads seemed not to … Read More