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South Korean President Miffed Over GM Plant Closure, Fearful of the Future

General Motors has decided to shut down its plant in Gunsan, South Korea, and the President of the country, Moon Jae-in, is less than impressed with the decision, which will remove thousands of jobs from the area. However, GM states that it had little choice in the matter, with inefficiencies in production, constant labor strikes, … Read More

Nothing Lasts Forever, but Your Saab Might (if You Sign on to a New Parts Warranty)

While the Saab brand became extinct in 2011, with its various assets being sold off across the globe, the legacy vehicles from the manufacturer keep rolling on roads worldwide. And, Orio North America, a major supplier of legacy OEM Saab parts, intends to keep it that way for years to come. The company’s “Parts for … Read More

Call Me Cullinan: Rolls-Royce’s SUV Gets a Name

Rolls Royce, a brand which oozes opulence and wealth, will soon lend itself to the SUV market with its latest entry, the Cullinan. This car is named after a massive diamond found in South Africa, and of course like that diamond will come with many facets you are looking for. It’s still in prototype, but … Read More

Enjoy South Korean winter

With this year’s Winter Olympics, a lot of people are focusing on the appears of South Korea in the winter. And with good reason, as there are a lot of pleasurable and fascinating cultural activities available. But, one fact remains – it is cold? So, how does one enjoy the winter without freezing? Here are … Read More

new train from London to Amsterdam

European rail operator Eurostar is well known for its Chunnel services between London and Paris. But, starting on February 20, it will be expanding its offerings to the Continent, as it initiates rail service between London and Amsterdam. The new service will run twice a day from St. Pancras in London, and with tickets starting … Read More

The Future of Hyundai’s High-Performance N Brand Includes N Sport Models, Accessories, and Racing

Hyundai is bring its “N class” Veloster to the US and they are bringing all the bells and whistles that go with this sporty hatchback. The N Class is their answer to the Honda Type R, a sporty designed hatchback with 275 horsepower engines and performance tires on a lower car designed for speed. Price … Read More

Keep It 1.11: Gran Turismo Sport Expands with New Update

If you’re looking for more cars on your Gran Turismo, then you’re in for a treat. The PS4 just put out release 1.11 which put out a large amount of new cars to test out and race in the field. This change releases fun cars such as the Dodge Viper and even a Ford GT, … Read More

More Titanium Than Titanium: Ford Announces 2019 Edge Titanium Elite

Ford has decided to make an ultra-premium Ford Edge, adding the word “elite” to its Edge Titanium and adding a few bonuses that the Titanium standalone doesn’t normally offer. This SUV crossover was Ford’s best selling car, so they are hoping that a few extra bells and whistles, including a 20 inch wheel base will … Read More

New Baby Benz: Mercedes A-class Sedan Spotted Winter Testing in the U.S.

Mercedes has decided to skip bringing their new compact hatchback to the US (yet will oddly bring it to Canada) but they are bringing the new smaller A class to the US. Recently it was spotted in brand camouflage driving on the streets of Minnesota. Whether this was just test the harsh winter driving conditions … Read More

How the Sportiest Honda Civics Compare on Price, Performance, and More [Infographic]

There are not many cars that are perfect for someone that has a regular amount of money to spend on a car. The tenth generation Honda Civic performance models are hard to top. They have some really good features. The new cars from Honda are affordable and they are very well made. How the Sportiest … Read More