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Place Your Bets: Another Chinese-backed Startup ‘Ready’ to Challenge Tesla

Tesla has another challenger in the ring and this time it is Chinese. Byton, a new company, showcases its new model at CES over the weekend. This electric car is crossover, unlike the Tesla more sporty line and boasts clean lines and modern looks, but looking not unlike every crossover car already in the market. … Read More

2018 Mazda 3 2.5L Automatic Sedan Tested: Still a Contender

The Mazda compact 3 comes in sedan and hatchback options. The powertrain was the quickest one tested in its class and proved to be a very satisfying car to drive. Downsides to this vehicle are that it has a small back seat, the ride can be quite noisy, and some of the systems are overly … Read More

Rare Rides: There’s a 2004 Smart Roadster in Brooklyn but It’s Mostly Useless

Prior to 2004 there were no electric cars left on the road, but then came the Smart Roadster. It also went just as quickly. The car looks fun and sporty, and is due to its low weight and decent sized engine for its body, but the problem is it was made out of plastic and … Read More

Nissan to Unveil Leaf GT at Tokyo Auto Salon

The Nissan Leaf GT will be demonstrated for the first time at an automotive event in Tokyo. This will be an important reveal for Nissan as they have invested heavily in the Leaf and the GT model will come with new features. The Tokyo Auto Salon will be held in early January 2018. Nissan to … Read More

With These Sales, It’s No Wonder Porsche Wants a Plug-in 911

Porsche is working on a plug in version of the popular 911 model. They hope to have this developed and in use by 2023. Electric cars are gaining popularity in Europe, and within the near future there are plans to ban combustion engines in personal vehicles in many European nations. Porsche does not want to … Read More

Texas Surprise: 2019 Chevrolet Silverado Trail Boss

Chevy revealed it’s new Silverado 2019 Trail Boss at the Texas Speedway. It was brought in by Sikorsky helicopter and rolled out to the audience. Its sharp red color in contrast with its black rimmed Goodyear tires, were definitely welcome to all. Other details were spotty, since they just wanted to show off the flash … Read More

Mercedes-Benz Says A-Class Sedan is Bound for the United States

Mercedes-Benz is planning a new updated A-Class sedan in the fall of 2018. According to Mercedes Benz’s global brand sales chief, the update will be an “attractive car for young people”. However, the updated A-Class sedan can appeal to new luxury shoppers with its spacious interior. The update will also include improved interior tech and … Read More

A Specialer Special Edition: Toyota 86 to Add GT Variant for 2018

The new variant for 2018 from Toyota does not add more horsepower to their sporty model. It ads more human comfort items. It adds heated leather seats and steering wheel, climate control, and an anti theft system among other items. It’s true that Toyota sales are down but these changes should add more comfort to … Read More

Relax, the Government Isn’t Taking Away Your EV Tax Credit

There has been a lot of debate on whether removing the tax credit for electric vehicles was anti-environmentalist. The answer to that debate is that the tax credit will not be removed, at least until an automaker reaches a two hundred thousand vehicle cap. House Republicans pushed to cut the credit, but Senate Republicans rejected … Read More

Rare Rides: The Real Dream of the ’70s – a 1975 GMC Sierra Gentleman Jim

Bare rides were the real dream of the 1970’s. There is a 1975 GMC Sierra called Gentleman Gym that is a really great car. One of the interesting things about this awesome truck is that it is only available in black and gold. The interior is filled with luxury. it is a one of a … Read More